Files for new weapons and Crypto voice lines found in mysterious Apex Legends update

Today’s patch hints at a lot of new season three content.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment sneakily shipped out a 700-megabyte Apex Legends update today without any patch notes. While fans are wondering what it’s for, one data miner may have the answer.

Popular data miner That1MiningGuy sifted through Apex’s files immediately after the update today, informing fans that two new weapons and voice lines for Crypto may be coming soon.

The data miner found files that hint at a new Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) coming to Kings Canyon—the Charge Rifle. The gun was initially leaked by a fan who shared pictures from an Apex presentation at the 2019 GME Conference. The Charge Rifle, which made its first appearance in Titanfall, will likely be a legendary sniper found only in supply drops.

That1MiningGuy also found images for another weapon called the Volt submachine gun (SMG) in the battle royale’s files. The data miner first leaked the SMG in August when he found an icon for the gun hidden in the game’s files. Similar to the Charge Rifle, the Volt was first introduced in the Titanfall series and will likely be an energy gun.

And as season three approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting the newest character coming to Kings Canyon—Crypto. That1MiningGuy found voice lines for each of the hacker’s abilities, including a warning for his ultimate EMP ability.

Even though Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information, it seems like season three has a lot in store for Apex fans.