Everything we know about Fuse in Apex Legends

The Ambassador of Boom is the season eight legend and the first competitor from Salvo.

Image via Respawn Entetainment

Apex Legends’ next season is looming on the horizon, and it’s bringing in the next legend, Fuse, an explosives expert from Salvo. His hardened past include stints as a gunman and as the champion of the Salvonian underground fighting pits—and he’ll find the ultimate challenge in the Apex Games.

Respawn hasn't revealed much about Fuse for now, but Apex's latest episode of Stories from the Outlands revealed some details on his backstory and his home planet, including his hardened past.


Fuse's episode of Stories From the Outlands kicked off with Fuse and his childhood friend Mags stumbling into a golden grenade that used to belong to Salvonian freedom fighters. Mags called the rebels “real Salvo badasses” who “fought for our freedom” against the Syndicate, a clear indication of her political stance.

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Fuse and Mags become involved with some shady activities as they grew up: engaging armed soldiers, defusing a bomb, and attempting to steal a championship belt rigged with an alarm. Their friendship seemed sprinkled with a hint of rivalry, as they seem to try to best (or pull pranks on) each other—and pass on the golden grenade whenever they do.

Fuse decided to join the Bonecage, Salvo's take on the Thunderdome, and pummeled his way into becoming the champion. An opportunity for more competition emerged when the Salvonian warlord accepted to become a part of the Syndicate, much to Mags' dismay. The news was compounded by Fuse's revelation that he'd join the (Syndicate-run) Apex Games.

Mags confronted Fuse about his decision and, after some discussion, angrily threw the golden grenade at him—minus the pin. The blast takes out his right arm and he walked away, with a burned bridge and a ticket to the Apex Games.

The animated short gave a quick rundown about Fuse's story and background, but so far, Respawn hasn't revealed much about his gameplay. One of the latest teasers, however, could shed more light on his kit.


Bombs started dropping into the arena earlier this week, and not as part of a Gibraltar or Bangalore ult. The ordnances would burrow halfway in the ground and shooting them would trigger a fiery explosion. Their addition to the game wasn't a normal part of the battle royale—at least not for the time being—but was likely a taste of Fuse's abilities.

Promotional art shows Fuse firing mortar shells that bear an uncanny resemblance to the firebombs in the teaser. The mortar launcher would likely be his ult—similar to how Rampart uses Sheila in the Games.

It wouldn't be the first time Respawn teased a legend's ability before they land in the Apex Games: the build-up to season seven included a taste of Horizon's tactical, the gravity lifts, spread out over the arenas in the Apex Games.

Fuse will bring the Mayhem to Apex Legends on Feb. 2 when season eight officially launches—alongside the new 30-30 repeater rifle and an “obliterated” Kings Canyon.