Data mining and concept art could hint at new sword-wielding legend coming to Apex Legends for Season 2

Some fans believe this unknown figure could be Crypto.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Keen-eyed Apex Legends players have discovered a few clues hinting at who the new legend might be after Wattson and what they could bring to the game.

In the background of concept art focused around the origins of Pathfinder made by Apex senior matte painter and concept artist Tu Bui, a different character can be seen on large posters on the opposite building. Some fans believe this unknown figure could be Crypto, whose name was found by data miners when the game first launched in February.

Image via Tu Bui

We could also have a clue as to what his abilities are from more data mining. A Reddit user put together a strong theory about Crypto from the code that’s been found in the game.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The phrases “signal jammed” and “sonar blocked” might hint at stopping Pathfinder’s passive from using the beacons to find the next ring or blocking Bloodhound’s active sonar ability. With Bloodhound’s ability getting a buff soon, Crypto’s power would help make it not too overpowered.

Image via u/FrozenFroh

While we don’t know when (or if) Crypto will be released, there’s code detailing Crypto’s laptop location. Nothing is at that spot yet, but it could be a teaser for his future inclusion in the game.

Some people in the community believe that he might make an appearance over the course of the next season due to the logo for season two, Battle Charge. Crypto’s sword might be in plain sight, hinting that we could see him sooner than later.

Season two of Apex begins on July 2.