Cryptic message that reads “don’t believe Hammond” found in Apex’s System Override event post

And you thought the teasers were over.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Now that Revenant has been released, the Apex Legends Easter eggs and teasers can stop, right? Wrong.

An Apex fan found an eerie message on the System Override event post on the EA website that reads “don’t believe Hammond,” posting their discovery on Reddit today. Though it’s impossible to tell who “hacked” the system to warn the masses, the message is quite clear—Hammond Robotics can’t be trusted.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn broke down all the new content hitting the Outlands with the upcoming event in a blog post. In the “Exclusive Event Prize Track” section, product manager Brad “SaladGuy” Pettigrew innocently explains how players can earn rewards by completing challenges that refresh daily. But a message from Hammond Robotics has several letters faded out to reveal the cryptic and foreboding warning to fans.

At this point in the Apex lore, it’s safe to assume that Hammond has made plenty of enemies. After Revenant made it his mission to disrupt and destroy the company for making him a killer simulacrum, he may be a possible suspect. But issuing warnings instead of taking matters into his own hands doesn’t seem like something the killer robot would do. Crypto, on the other hand, had the hacking chops to destroy the Repulsor in season two. Fading out a few letters would be a walk in the park for the Surveillance Expert.

Though it’s fun to theorycraft, these are all speculations. The letters fading out could simply be an unintended coincidence. If this is in fact an Easter egg, however, it’ll like be expanded on before the System Override event goes live on March 3.