Apex’s season 11 launch trailer drops Oct. 21

Ashes to Ash.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have more and more pieces of the new season to look forward to this week, according to today’s episode of Stories from the Outlands. The launch trailer for the shooter’s 11th season will go live on Thursday, Oct. 21, giving fans a taste of what’s coming soon.

The launch trailer for the new season, Escape, should provide a first look at some elements of the new season, including possibly a glimpse at Ash’s abilities. The season seven launch trailer, for instance, showed off Tridents and Horizon’s kit—and Escape’s could follow suit.

Launch trailers can also advance the narrative for the upcoming season and have played host to some of Apex‘s most pivotal moments. Loba destroyed Skull Town in the season five launch trailer, for instance, and set the stage for the seasonal quest and a series of major plot points since. Likewise, the Assimilation trailer showed Revenant murdering Loba’s parents, preparing us for her launch in the following season.

With so many new additions to Apex‘s 11th season, players may get to see several new elements. Respawn confirmed today that Ash is the next legend headed to the hero shooter, a character who’s played a role in the narrative since season five—and that’s if you don’t count her appearance in Titanfall 2.

Fans will also get another returning Titanfall weapon, the C.A.R. SMG, when Escape debuts. The developers haven’t released more details about it yet, however. Respawn hasn’t officially given a release date for Escape either, but fans can expect it to launch in early November.