Apex Legends season 5 launch trailer blows up Skull Town, confirms hidden facility on Kings Canyon

Skull Town may see some changes in the next season— if it's still on the map.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ season five launch trailer revealed important information on what’s coming next week and confirmed the existence of a mysterious facility beneath Kings Canyon—and it could be related to the changes to map when the fifth season hits the servers.

The launch trailer showed Loba, Apex‘s next legend, infiltrating a secret Hammond Robotics facility underneath Skull Town. The facility is filled with several copies of Revenant’s chassis, which were presumably used each time the simulacrum resurrected.

Loba triggers the mass explosion of the facility, but the blast took down a huge chunk of the map above it. This could mean that Skull Town will see huge changes in season five—if it’s even on the map. The short video shows a gigantic skull submerging into a body of water and it’s possible that the ruins of the Hammond facility will be Kings Canyon’s next POI.

The secret facility was a part of a series of teasers in the build-up to season five. Three mysterious keycards indicated the existence of “tunnels” and “more sub-level rooms” in an area accessible through Singh Labs, which confirmed its relation to Kings Canyon. Another hint showed that Loba breached the facility armed with the access codes to whatever the facility holds.

Another Loba teaser teleported players to the mysterious facility using her signature bracelet. When activating the artifact, players would warp to a different map altogether—the minimap indicated that the facility was hidden beneath Skull Town.

The launch trailer hints that Skull Town could be wiped off Kings Canyon altogether, in line with Apex‘s map updates. Season four brought a Planet Harvester into World’s Edge and created a lava river between the two halves of Capitol City. It’s likely that season five will have a similar impact on the landscape of Kings Canyon.

Apex‘s fifth season, Fortune’s Favor, kicks off on May 12 and will bring in Loba, a translocating thief with a thirst for revenge against her parents’ murderer—the simulacrum known as Revenant.