Apex Legends’ season 7 launch trailer gives fans a look at Olympus, the Trident, and Horizon’s skills

“He-hey, not too shabby.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ next season is still one week away, but the latest launch trailer gave fans a glimpse of several new additions that are on the way in season seven. The cinematic shows more views of Olympus, gives a first look at Horizon’s skillset, and shares more detail on the Trident vehicle.

The launch trailer begins just after the events of the season six quest, The First Ship. Mirage accidentally put all of Rampart’s belongings in the Hammond Robotics rocket in World’s Edge, which takes off into Olympus. The two legends chase after it with a little help from Pathfinder and find themselves in the new arena.


Mirage, Rampart, and Pathfinder get a clear view of Olympus when the trio enters its airspace. The new arena looks like a city with several high-rise buildings and a series of roads and walkways in sight. Although it has plenty of open space, it doesn’t look as large as Kings Canyon or World’s Edge—one possible explanation is that Olympus is a suspended city and space is constricted.

The map appears to have a more urban atmosphere. In addition to skyscrapers, the trailer shows numerous small houses (one even has an outdoor patio table with an umbrella), lots of room for foot and vehicle traffic, and we get a brief glimpse of a plaza-like area during the final Trident chase.

Of course, common elements long associated with Olympus are also in the arena. The terrain is filled with pink cherry blossom trees and the red balloons (which presumably help keep the city in the air) appear in the video.

The UFO from the teasers also seems to show up briefly on-screen. Fans spotted a mysterious object in one of the devstreams and data miner Shrugtal reconstructed it using Blender.

The recreated version shows a “park-like” area with cherry blossoms, park benches, trash cans, and even a mini-mart—and it could be a part of Olympus, according to him. The area shows up on the top left of the map, but it’s unclear if the POI will see any changes from Shrugtal’s recreation.

Horizon’s abilities

The launch trailer didn’t just give us a glimpse of the Olympian landscape, though. It also showed firsthand what Horizon’s kit looks like. Earlier data-mined information showed that the scientist’s skills revolved around manipulating gravity and the latest cinematic confirmed it.

Horizon’s tactical ability works similarly to the gravity lifts in Apex. It creates a gravity beam that lifts up anyone who steps on it. It can be an easy way to reach higher ground for allies—or a death trap for enemies, as the launch trailer shows.

Horizon’s ultimate also makes an appearance in the launch trailer. In the cinematic, the scientist throws an ordnance that creates a gravitational pull, similar to a black hole, and traps the enemy squad close together—just close enough that Pathfinder can take them all out with a single grenade.

After we saw her ultimate, Horizon’s passive seems to show up as well. Instead of landing clumsily like other legends, she has a flawless landing—reportedly one of her skills.

The Trident

Apex‘s first pilotable vehicle is a three-person ship called the Trident. The pilot sits in the center, protected behind a small windshield, and the other two squadmates are in seats on each side. Respawn teased the Trident by adding it as a gun charm at the end of the season six quest, but the launch trailer goes in much more detail about it.

The two gunners will be able to fire at enemies, based on the launch trailer. Pathfinder fires a few shots and Mirage throws a grenade while holding onto the vehicle. In the cinematic, the Forward Scout also jumps out of the vehicle, fires some rounds, and grapples back into it—a stylish maneuver that may or may not make its way to Apex.

The Trident may have a weakness, however. The launch trailer shows Rampart decommissioning Horizon’s vehicle with a charged-up shot from the Sentinel. Tridents may be vulnerable to weapon fire and the Sentinel’s built-in Disruptor Rounds might deal extra damage to the vehicles. It’s unclear if other sources of electricity, like Arc-Stars and Wattson fences, will also be a good way to stop the Trident in its tracks.

Players can experience Olympus in full in just a week when Apex‘s season seven launches on Nov. 4.