Apex players use Revenant’s ultimate ability to loot supply drops outside of World’s Edge map

The Synthetic Nightmare's ultimate has a lot of potential.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Revenant arrived on live servers earlier in the week, and players have since discovered the season four legend’s ultimate ability can be used to access hard-to-reach areas in Apex Legends.

A player uploaded a clip to Reddit showing them place the Death Totem before attempting to reach a cliff on the edge of the map to open a care package. The player stuck the landing and secured a legendary Devotion. The player then jumped off the map and died, but was respawned at his Death Totem with a sliver of health.

Care packages can sometimes land on the edges of the map in hard-to-reach locations. Most of the time players don’t risk dying for the package, but the unique use of the ultimate let the team grab the legendary weapon with little risk.

Revenant’s ultimate ability allows players to set a stationary Death totem that respawns the player with a small amount of health if they die in shadow mode. The Death Totem is traditionally used for an extra advantage before rushing an enemy team, but creative players have already proven it to be a versatile ultimate.

Another player discovered the Death Totem can be used to recover teammate banners from outside the ring. Both creative uses of Revenant’s ultimate ability show that it can be used to navigate and support teammates, not just to add an extra layer of security before an attack.

As more players spend time using the Synthetic Nightmare, more uses for his abilities will be discovered. Time will tell if Revenant’s abilities will be versatile enough for the champion to become a top choice in competitive play.