Apex players discover unique use for Revenant’s ultimate

The Synthetic Nightmare might be a team player after all.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Revenant has been in the Apex Games for less than a week, but players are already finding new and unique uses for the Synthetic Nightmare’s ultimate. One Apex Legends player in particular used Revenant’s ultimate to recover his teammates banners from the storm.

A Reddit user uploaded a clip of them using the Death Totem and then running back into to grab their teammates banners. The player eventually died in the storm, but, thanks to the Death Totem, was teleported back to safety with the banners. This is a clever way to use the ultimate in a support role to help other teammates and keep them in the game.

Revenant is the newest addition to Apex Legends and allows a fast and aggressive playstyle, which may be best suited for quick escapes or engagements onto an enemy team. Revenant’s ultimate allows the player to set down a Death Totem that will respawn the player with a sliver of health if they die in shadow mode.

Revenant’s abilities might be enough for the legend to shake up the competitive meta, and unique uses for the ultimate add to the character’s value. Players have also discovered counters to Revenant’s ultimate, but nothing strong enough to completely negate the benefits.

As season four of Apex Legends progresses players will continue to discover unique uses for Revenant’s abilities and determine how useful the terrifying assassin can be in competitive environments.

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