Apex players already found a clever way to counter Revenant’s ultimate with Caustic

Gas trap deployed.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Revenant’s ability to negate death is a useful tool for a battle royale like Apex Legends, but players may have found a way to easily counter it—and all it takes is Caustic.

The new legend’s ultimate places a totem that returns dead allies to it with reduced health. An Apex player suggested that a well-placed gas trap can ruin their chances of victory.

Revenant’s ultimate Death Recall places a totem that protects his team from death for a short period of time. Touching the beacon will send players into “shadow mode,” where they only take health damage. If they’re downed, they’ll automatically return to the totem with a small amount of HP and their remaining shields.

But the strategy becomes useless if there’s a Caustic gas trap near the totem. Players who are sent back to it will trigger the toxic substance, which deals health damage, and they’ll be instantly downed.

Placing a gas trap near the totem isn’t as easy as it sounds, however. If players want to sneak their way to the totem, it needs to be set down in plain sight and left unprotected so they can safely set the trap.

Revenant’s ultimate has a myriad of uses and players will likely find out more creative ways to get value out of it as they learn his kit. The assassin has the ability to “silence” his enemies, canceling their skills. He can also move considerably faster when crouched and is better at climbing walls than his competition. His entire kit could synergize for an aggressive push, for instance, by using his totem as a fallback option when storming the enemies.