Apex Legends players are suffering from extreme lag once again after the latest patch

Some fans are calling the game "unplayable" because of the issues.

L-STAR Leaks
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale title Apex Legends has been under public scrutiny for a few months due to the plethora of bugs and server issues that players have dealt with since its release. And the latest patch seems to have caused more problems as players are now reporting extreme lag in a majority of their games.

This came at the worst time for Apex fans since players had to suffer through these server problems during the double XP weekend. This has also affected players in the new Elite lobbies and is ruining what could have been a great new feature in the game.

Players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC have all agreed that the latest patch must have changed something that somehow broke the servers. There’s simply too much packet loss, even on servers that are close to your city or region. These problems also compounded alongside the recent influx of “Code Leaf” errors that many Apex players have reported.

The only solution that players have tried with mixed results is to open your accessibility settings and change to a data center with low ping. But not many people have seen much success with this fix.

Server issues have been an ongoing problem in Apex and have caused a large portion of the game’s player base to leave. Even though the team at Respawn has garnered a bit more hype for the free-to-play title with its upcoming second season, these server issues will deflate any momentum that the game could have built if they aren’t fixed soon.