Apex player spots in-game teaser for new legend, Forge

The champion is coming to town.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment introduced Forge as the next legend coming to the Apex Games today. In addition to the official video reveal, a player spotted a not-so-subtle reference to the character.

The Easter egg was located in Sorting Factory and shows an apparently improvised studio. Players can see two chairs facing each other and two cardboard cutouts of the legend in the background. There are also a handful of decorative objects, plants, and a backdrop. Two cameras are ready to record the action and it looks like an impromptu stage for a media event, such as a promo or an interview.

The Easter egg is a probable reference to Forge’s past as a fighting superstar and five-time champion. He’s the first corporate-sponsored legend and will fight in the Apex Games under the banner of Titanfall’s Hammond Robotics. Developers teased that the company may play a bigger role in the next season, particularly in causing map changes to World’s Edge.

The teaser marks the first official display of Forge’s likeness in Apex, excluding the announcement tweet. Revenant, another data mined legend and top contender for the next playable character, was briefly revealed by Respawn as part of the Fight or Fright trailer, but hasn’t been officially released yet and doesn’t have a scheduled launch date.

Forge isn’t the only new addition to the game in Apex’s fourth season, called “Assimilation.” The Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle will make its debut next month and Kings Canyon is making its highly-anticipated return in the middle of the season. Developers are also adding a new tier for the ranked game modes and giving players free login rewards as part of Apex’s one-year anniversary. The ambitious birthday bash will kick off on Feb. 4.