Apex player compiles weapon loadouts for Winter Express

Kits rotate between legends on a daily basis.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends got its first holiday-themed event, the Holo-Day Bash, last night. The event introduced the Winter Express, a new limited-time mode (LTM) in which players must gain control of a train. Each legend has a preset loadout in a daily rotation and an Apex player compiled today’s weapon sets for each character.

Most loadouts combine a primary firearm with a pistol or an SMG. Four of the presets contain snipers, three use shotguns (including the infamous Mozambique), and only one holds the R-99. The Peacekeeper and the Charge Rifle aren’t assigned to any legend, at least for now. The Peacekeeper was nerfed twice this season after Patch 3.1 accidentally overtuned it.

Each weapon comes with a specific set of attachments. The P2020, unlike the Mozambique, is outfitted with Hammerpoint Rounds. The R-301 comes with the Anvil Receiver, while the Triple Take Sniper has a precision choke. The Devotion and the Prowler, however, don’t come with their respective hop-ups. The same gun can also be outfitted with two different sets of loadout-dependent attachments.

Players can drop attachments and swap them between weapons or with teammates. The Digital Threat, currently on the Mozambique, can be placed on a different gun. All legends get a blue backpack and vest, alongside a level one helmet, syringes, and shield cells. Their ordnances change between the Frag Grenade, the Thermite, and the Arc-Star.

Loadouts seem to rotate between legends without fundamental changes to weapon combinations. Today’s Bloodhound kit, for instance, could pass to Caustic at some point. The constant changes force players to adapt their gameplay to the new weapon sets. It’s unclear if Respawn will add some variety to the matchups at some point.

The Winter Express wasn’t the only addition brought by the Holo-Day Bash. The event delivered 24 new cosmetics, including skins for your favorite characters. Mirage’s Voyage is parked in World’s Edge as part of the legend’s Town Takeover and starting the party will yield a legendary G7 Scout skin.