Today’s Apex patch addresses several pesky season 7 issues, including battle pass challenges, audio cues, and minigun drone bug

Thank you, Respawn.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans will have plenty to be thankful for today.

Respawn deployed a patch that should address several frustrating issues with the battle royale, including bugs, audio tweaks, and battle pass adjustments.

As Respawn promised last week, the battle pass’ weekly challenges are being changed back to season-six formatting and players will be awarded 10 free levels. The devs already made daily challenges easier to complete in the previous patch.

The annoying audio issues should cease after today’s update. Respawn pushed a hotfix out in September for silenced Devotion and Volt bullets. But players still complained of inconsistent footstep audio cues. And one player discovered last week that the audio from every player healing or shielding on the entire map is constantly present at a low volume.

The hilarious bug that allowed Rampart players to attach Sheila on Crypto’s drone should also be fixed.

The patch should already be live, potentially improving the player experience dramatically.