Respawn to make Apex’s season 7 challenges easier and grant all players 10 free battle pass levels

Thank you, Respawn.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Many Apex Legends fans felt the season seven battle pass was “too grindy.” So Respawn is making some changes.

Game director Chad Grenier discussed tweaks coming to the controversial battle pass today, which should be music to the community’s ears. The difficulty of weekly and daily challenges will be reverted to season six levels and all players will be granted 10 free battle pass levels. The number of stars rewarded for challenges will stay the same, however.

Starting today, daily challenges will be reverted to season six difficulty. The amount of damage required to earn a star will drop from 2,000 to 500, for example. And the amount of knockdowns needed per character will go from five to two.

A patch next week will lower weekly challenges to season six difficulty, too. This way, weekly challenges will “always give you an opportunity to complete them with more than one legend,” according to Grenier. The same patch will also hand out 10 free battle pass levels to all players.

Fans were initially upset by the new star system introduced this season, which put the battle pass progress at a snail’s pace. Instead of last season’s Challenge Points (CP), players need to earn 10 stars for one battle pass level. But casual players, and even hardcore ones, found it extremely taxing to level up with the weekly and daily challenges.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The massive community outcry made its way to Respawn, who reduced the experience needed to obtain stars from 10,000 XP to 5,000 XP. But the system still wasn’t perfect. So Grenier promised some changes were coming in a recent Reddit AMA—and that they did.

Respawn has made unpopular decisions in the past, such as last season’s armor changes that reduced the battle royale’s time-to-kill. After community complaints, however, devs reverted those changes. Respawn devs frequently interact with the Apex community, listening to complaints and making changes when they miss the mark.