Apex Legends pros complain about season 6’s shorter time-to-kill

The new armor meta appears to be the culprit.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ sixth season kicked off last night, offering a slew of changes to the battle royale. But one meta shift has caught the ire of the game’s top players.

Apex fan u/Diet_Fanta asked a number of pros how they feel about Boosted’s shorter time-to-kill (TTK) resulting from the Evo Armor changes—and the consensus appears to be negative.

The season six patch adjusted Apex’s armor values and gave all players “built-in” Evo capability. Respawn decreased all shields by 25 with the goal of bringing down the TTK to “better reward strategic positioning.” But some pros aren’t taking the change well.

Former Halo champion Snip3down called the new TTK “terrible” and said it feels like he’s “playing CoD now.” Nokokopuffs said he “fucking hate[s]” the TTK and that it’s “way too fucking fast,” claiming it’s “absurd” how quickly he melts enemies now. And iiTzTimmy doesn’t want to play “aggressive” anymore because he feels he gets “punished every single time.”

But not all pros have been critical of Boosted. NiceWigg said he feels like “the only one actually enjoying the season so far,” aside from his only problem being the Devotion.

Pairing the decreased armor values with the strong energy weapons, the Volt SMG and Devotion LMG, seemingly makes late-game fights go by quicker. Players now have to rethink their engages out of fear of dropping too fast, prioritizing positioning and snagging better weapons. That does seem to be in line with Respawn’s season six philosophy, however.

With Boosted not even a day old, players still have a lot to get used to. Progressing through the season may change fans’ minds on the shorter TTK. But if it continues to be an issue, Respawn is liable to make adjustments.