Apex Legends player encounters glitch while using Revenant’s ultimate

Is it a bug or new gameplay feature?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A player in Apex Legends was randomly teleported after using Revenant’s Death Totem.

Revenant is the latest champion to be added to Apex and has introduced a lot of new gameplay opportunities. The Synthetic Nightmare’s ultimate allows the player to set down a Death Totem where they’ll respawn if they die during Shadow Mode. Players have found unique uses for the ultimate, such as looting hard to reach supply drops and even to save teammates from the storm.

Revenant’s Death Totem doesn’t always guarantee you’ll respawn where it was placed, however.

A user on Reddit uploaded a clip of them engaging an enemy team on the train in World’s Edge. The player sets down the Death Totem before fighting the enemy team and was eventually killed. When the player respawned, they were no longer on the train and were in the area known as Skybox on the map. The player is visibly confused in the clip and looks around to try to figure out what happened.

Fans immediately started speculating on what caused the glitch. Some players suggested that because the train was moving, it caused the totem to function incorrectly and spawn them in a random spot on the map. Another theory was that another player using Revenant recently put down a Death Totem and the game spawned them there instead.

Other players reported seeing similar bugs in their matches. One player claimed an enemy in his game was teleported into the zone during the late game and lost because of the glitch.

Regardless of what caused the glitch, Apex players can now look forward to a random chance of being teleported to a different part of the map until Respawn fixes the error.