Apex Legends Dec. 3 Patch: Full notes and updates

Level 100 players, rejoice.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

For players who thought their conquest of Apex Legends season three content was at an end, think again.

Respawn revealed the notes for today’s patch on EA’s website, which increases the Player Level cap from 100 to 500. This will give hardcore fans a chance to earn additional Apex packs while lowering the experience needed to level up for more casual players. And let’s not forget about all of our favorite legends being transformed into cute Weapon Charms to keep players company on World’s Edge.

Here are the full notes for today’s Apex patch.

Player level progression changes

Image via Respawn Entertainment
  • Player Level cap increased from 100 to 500.
    • XP required to hit level 100 has been reduced by approximately five percent to smooth out per level XP increases.
  • Players can now earn 199 Apex Packs by level 500 (previously 45).
    • Level two to 20: One pack every level.
    • Level 22 to 300: One pack every two levels.
    • Level 305 to 500: One pack every five levels.
    • You’ll continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level.
    • Apex Packs rewards will be retroactive.
  • Players will also earn a Player Level Gun Charm every 100 Player Levels.
  • For the full notes on the Progression Changes, click here.

Gun Charms

Image via Respawn Entertainment
  • Thirty-six new Gun Charms are going into Apex Packs at the Epic and Legendary tiers.
  • Gun charms will also appear in the Rotating Shop for players who prefer direct purchase.


Image result for peacekeeper apex
Image via Respawn Entertainment

“We’ve heard feedback loud and clear that the Peacekeeper is still feeling too powerful after latest changes,” Respawn said. “We are working to push out more tweaks to address it ASAP and will post details on timing and what those changes will be soon.”

Quality of Life

  • Helmets and armor should now be more colorblind compatible and appear slightly more vibrant.
  • Added on/off setting that determines if taking damage while looting a deathbox closes the menu. You can toggle this in the Gameplay section of settings.
  • Improvements to final circle locations to help bad end locations and provide more variety.
  • Players that have auto-sprint enabled can now sprint out of a slide by using L3.
  • Added inspect animation for Lifeline’s Heirloom.
  • Fixed bug where “Thank you” key became unbound. It’s now back to its original default: “F1.”
  • [PC ONLY] Fixed issue where using any arrow key after selecting a number field in the settings would jump to the next option instead of changing the selected value.
  • Gold Armor spawn rate has been reduced.
  • Players will now receive a prompt allowing them to cancel Finishers in progress.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where other players would appear to be in the wrong Rank (e.g. they’re actually Apex Predator but appear Bronze IV).
  • Bunch of bug fixes to World’s Edge related to collision, geometry, supply bins spawning in bad areas, and cases where loot couldn’t be picked up in certain areas near Geyser.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the Respawn Dropship would be silent when arriving.
  • Fixed bug where Bangalore would reference the Skullpiecer hop-up when pinging a Wingman.
  • Fixed issue where player banners would appear off-center in the match summary or squad eliminated screens.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the progress bars for Shield Cells and Phoenix Kits appeared desaturated and hard to read.
  • Fixed bug where players were able to instantly revive in certain locations.
  • Fixed bug for rare cases where a player was unable to revive a teammate while outside the Ring.
  • Fixed bug where the visual FX for the knockdown shield would remain visible after being destroyed by an enemy.
  • Fixed bug where equipping the EVA-8 Auto Shotgun Double Tap hop-up would remove the rate of fire increase from equipped shotgun bolt.
  • Fixed bug where some Legends would relay incorrect “ability not ready” sound FX when trying to activate an ability that was still on cooldown.
  • Fixed a visual bug where sometimes when a Legend starts using a Shield Cell it causes their weapon to appear to be briefly floating past their arm.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the Train’s lead car would detach from the rest of the Train after a player stops and then starts it back up.
  • Fixed bug for cases where players could get crushed by the Train while standing near the back of the front car.
  • Fixed bug where Legend’s faces would appear distorted in third person during matches and while browsing inventory.
  • Fixed issues with corrupted graphics and frame drops that we found were related to detonating ordnance in certain locations causing objects to trigger bad pixels.
  • Fixed bug for cases where flying Crypto’s Drone near the Train can cause Crypto to move around without player input.
  • Fixed a bug where Crypto’s tactical hud looked like it was stuck recharging until you used it.
  • Fixed bug for cases where a deathbox wouldn’t come to rest on stairs and players were unable to retrieve the player’s Banner Card.

Update to Knockdown Shields

  • KO shield protection now extends over and behind the player’s head.
  • Changes to Shield health:
    • Common shield (grey) health changed from 100 to 200.
    • Rare shield (blue) health changed from 250 to 450.
  • Player movement speed while KO Shield is active reduced from 0.65 to 0.55.

Firing Range

  • Friendly fire is now supported. You can toggle it off and on in the setting menu. The option only appears if more than one player is in the Firing Range with you.
  • [PC ONLY] Fixed cases where players could not enter the Firing Range.
  • Fixed various issues related to players in other realms affecting each other in Firing Range including:
    • Seeing other Legends abilities and animations that are not in your realm.
    • Invisible zip lines.


  • Wattson’s Trophy System
    • The trophy system is now significantly more aggressive in the way it shoots down grenades. Rather than just identifying between incoming and outgoing projectiles, it now predicts the trajectory of grenades thrown within the interception zone and intercepts them if they will land anywhere within that zone. This means that no grenade can contact any surface within the interception zone regardless of team, but players can fire grenades outwards from anywhere within the zone.