Apex Legends’ latest teaser shares more information on simulacra

Hammond Robotics might be at it again.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ revisited the concept of simulacra in its latest teaser. The cryptic message appears to be a research log from Hammond Robotics and shared more details on the mysterious beings.

“Terms like ‘cyborg,’ ‘android’ and ‘simulacrum’ are often used interchangeably, but this is based on a misconception,” the message reads. “In truth, simulacra fall somewhere between cyborgs and androids on the spectrum of organic to inorganic life.”

The log also reinforced the fact that simulacra see a human version of themselves when looking in a mirror. The illusion takes place due to an “essential piece of programming” called the “ego retention system.”

The notes echo Revenant’s behavior in the Assimilation launch trailer. Apex‘s Nightmare Simulacrum sees a human version of himself throughout the animated short when shaving. His “ego retention system” stopped working after he engaged in a fight, however, which allowed him to see his true form.

The teaser also mentions tests of a “neural transfer trial 7578,” which failed in three different subjects. “Attempts to separate organic storage components from simulacrum development process have been unsuccessful,” the message reads.

Revenant is the first simulacrum to join the Apex Games, but the concept of a simulacra harks back from Apex‘s sister franchise, Titanfall. They’re essentially a synthetic body with a person’s memory implanted in it.

The previous season five teaser also mentioned Revenant, with notes on how to access his programming and source code as a means to stop him. Respawn will likely continue its cryptic trail of breadcrumbs leading up to Apex‘s fifth season, including a likely introduction to the next character.