Apex Legends hides dead creature in World’s Edge as part of an event teaser

It likely points to a Bloodhound Town Takeover.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players found something dead in the arena—and it wasn’t the random who dropped solo in a hotspot.

Players reported seeing a dead Prowler in World’s Edge today. The species was present in Apex’s sister franchise Titanfall, but one of the creatures made their way to the game as an event teaser.

The Prowler carcass sits on Sniper’s Ridge, west of Skyhook in World’s Edge. The place is fairly easy to spot and is a high-tier loot location. Players can access it by using a balloon or by jumping off the dropship straight into the landing spot. An in-game flag marks the approximate area, which is also surrounded by supply bins.

The community speculates that the Prowler is a teaser to an upcoming Bloodhound Town Takeover. Shrugtal, one of Apex’s oldest data miners, found references to a Bloodhound-themed event in the game files, including a teaser scheduled to go live today.

A Bloodhound-themed event would be compatible with writer Tom Casiello’s statement that Respawn will reveal more information on the Technological Tracker’s background. In that case, a dead Prowler would make for a fitting teaser.

The tracker’s official bio describes them as “one of the greatest game hunters the Frontier has ever seen—and that’s about all anyone knows.” A Town Takeover could provide an opportunity to deliver more lore for Bloodhound.

Wraith’s Town Takeover during the Voidwalker event gave fans a glimpse of her background as a test subject in the Singh Labs. Mirage’s event contained a heartbreaking Easter egg, which showed fans that his mother suffers from a degenerative disease, a dark side to the character’s usually peppy personality. Bloodhound’s past could get a similar focus.

This isn’t the first time the Apex community heard about Prowlers. Data miners found mentions to the species earlier this month, hidden in the game files. Twitter user Biast12 found textures and animations for the creature, including actions such as “combat,” “walk,” and “death_knockback,” and a video by data miner iLootGames showcases vital information on how the creatures will look in Apex.