Apex Legends exploit allows any player to claim Origin Access rewards

Using it might get you banned, though.

Image via PlayApex

Apex Legends fans found a new exploit to get free Apex Coins through the Origin Access pack. Players who were not subscribers of the Origin Access program were able to enter a code and unlock the rewards for free on their accounts by using this exploit. They got 1,000 Apex Coins, a Flatline skin, and an exclusive Banner Badge.

Reports of players who tried and succeeded when using the exploit said it’s similar to how other players also unlocked the Twitch Prime Pack a few weeks ago. This exploit allowed them to unlock five Apex Packs and the legendary Pathfinder skin that only Twitch Prime subscribers were allowed to get.

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Apex developer Respawn Entertainment will likely patch this really soon, just like they did with the Twitch Prime exploit. Unlike that time, however, a few players have reported being banned after using the Origin Access exploit. Others claim the Flatline skin disappears as soon as they enter the game, but they still get the 1,000 coins and the Apex Packs.

The exploit itself is already bad for Respawn, but if recent leaks are right it could’ve been catastrophic if not found and if Respawn takes too long to patch it. The season one Apex Legends Battle Pass is supposed to cost 950 Apex Coins, which means several players could’ve gotten the Battle Pass yesterday for free if it had been released, as first expected.

Players who try to use the exploit in the following days should either expect it not to work or be ready for the possibility of having their accounts permanently banned, even if none of this is confirmed by Respawn yet.