Apex Legends devs pause Harbingers Angel badge progress, will make it easier to unlock

It's not just you, it's a bug.

Revenant, with his new "smiling" faceplate and yellow glowing eyes, extends his arm towards you.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

One particular reward is causing Apex Legends players all kinds of grief right in the middle of the Harbingers event due to a nasty bug. Fortunately, the devs are on the case.

Respawn devs shared they’re hard at work fixing the bug, which has been stopping players from progressing the Harbingers Angel badge, and will be making things easier to unlock once it goes back live as an apology.

To progress toward getting this Apex badge, players needed to deal 1000 damage with the Revenant shell. Players quickly noticed this was not possible on Sep. 20, as the battle royale code was failing to track any progress towards the goal.

Now, once the issue is fixed, Respawn has said it will lower to required amount of damage to just 500 to allow Apex players to quickly advance through this mission without needing to grind as hard. Given the Harbingers Angel badge is one of the free rewards, this should be welcome news for a lot of players.

While this issue might have soured some of the Apex player base, there is still a lot to make up for it in the new Harbingers event. Not only are there free rewards like the Harbingers Angel badge, but there are plenty of paid cosmetics to check out in the event store. Alongside these Fuse finally gets an Heirloom and a new limited-time mode joins the mix.

Fuse’s new Heirloom takes the count in Apex Legends to more than 20. That means there are more than 20 different animations you can get to make your favorite heroes show some unique flare when they melee attack.

If you’re yet to check all of these new additions out then you’ve got some time. The Harbingers event will continue in Apex until Tuesday, Oct. 3.


Ryan Galloway
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