Apex Legends’ 10th season, Emergence, is now live

It's time, legends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Get ready, Apex Legends fans. Emergence is now live.

The battle royale’s 10th season kicks off with new legend Seer, the introduction of the destructive Rampage LMG, a fresh battle pass, and numerous balance changes. And Arenas fans can finally get sweaty with a new ranked system debuting today, along with weapon price adjustments and legend tweaks.

Seer graduates from the Arenas to the Apex Games in Emergence, joining the legends on the battlefield. The tracker brings about some new mechanics, including a heartbeat sensor, an interrupt, and a sphere that detects enemies moving quickly within its radius.

The Rampage boasts a lot of firepower but has a slower rate of fire than the game’s other LMGs. But with the Spitfire now in the care package loot pool, along with the Alternator, players will have plenty of time to experiment with the new weapon.

As for balance changes, Fuse, Horizon, Revenant, and Caustic all caught Respawn’s eye. The explosive Fuse’s ultimate will now reveal enemies caught inside the ring of fire, while his Knuckle Cluster’s duration is increasing by 100 percent. Horizon will now move a bit faster while using Gravity Lift and Revenant’s Death Totem will give enemies a visual and audio cue when it’s close to ending. And Toxic Trapper Caustic is getting some love, with his gas damage now increasing by one every other second, starting at five damage. His tactical and ultimate cooldowns are being reduced as well.

For the full patch notes, fans can visit the Apex website.