Apex’s Emergence patch introduces numerous Arenas balance changes, including weapon price and legend adjustments

The new season launches tomorrow.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ 10th season, Emergence, will start tomorrow with a multitude of balance changes. And while players might be excited to jump into the battle royale, the three-vs-three Arenas mode may also see a meta shift.

Respawn unveiled the Emergence patch notes today, detailing all the weapon and legend adjustments hitting Arenas. And the mode is finally getting a ranked system, making any balance changes even more pivotal.

With the Alternator and Spitfire becoming care package loot, they’ll also be removed from the Arenas shop. The Prowler and Rampage will take their place, costing 450 and 500 crafting materials respectively. Upgrading the Prowler to levels one, two, and three will run players 200, 300, and 400 crafting materials, whereas the Rampage’s upgrades will cost 200, 300, and 350.

The L-STAR’s upgrades will increase by 50 crafting materials per level, while the 30-30 Repeater’s level-one cost drops from 200 to 150. The Bocek Bow and Charge Rifle’s base price will each drop by 100, with the Charge Rifle’s level upgrades also swapping to 200, 200, and 450. As for Apex‘s shotguns, the EVA-8’s base value will increase by 50 crafting materials, while the Mastiff’s decreases by 50 and the Peacekeeper’s drops by a whopping 150. This should balance out the close-range weapons more, providing more flexibility in the shotgun category.

As for legend-specific changes, Horizon’s Gravity Lift is taking a hit with its starting charges reduced from two to one. Mirage’s Psyche Out will get a similar nerf, with its starting charges dropping from three to two. Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster cost will increase from 75 to 100, likely due to the upcoming buffs it will receive. And Bloodhound’s free scans when in Beast of the Hunt are reducing from three to two.

If the Emergence patch follows previous season launches, the new update should go live tomorrow around 12pm CT.