Respawn details Arenas’ ranked mode debuting with Apex Emergence, includes a tier system and placement matches

It's time to get sweaty.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Get ready, Apex Legends players. Ranked Arenas is around the corner.

Respawn unveiled the full details on Arenas’ upcoming ranked mode today on the Apex website, which includes a tier system, underlying MMR, and placement matches. The competitive mode will debut with Apex‘s tenth season, Emergence, on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Similar to the battle royale mode, ranked Arenas will feature a visible skill rating that goes from Bronze to Predator. The three-vs-three firefight will also have a hidden MMR score that will determine who you’re matched up against. And players will begin their ranked Arenas career by competing through 10 placement matches, with your performance dictating your initial MMR and starting rank. Players will be awarded or deducted Arenas Points (AP) based on wins and losses. There will be no entry cost to play and no additional AP for kills.

Ranked Arenas won’t include any demotion protection, making it easier to drop ranked tiers on a loss. But the ranked rewards players receive will be based on the highest tier reached. And unlike the battle royale’s ranked mode, Arenas won’t be divided into splits for the time being.

To maintain competitive integrity, players who abandon a ranked Arenas match will receive a temporary matchmaking ban and be unable to queue until that ban’s over. If you’re abandoned by a teammate, you’ll receive loss forgiveness that prevents you from losing any AP. And party restrictions will be the same as the ranked battle royale mode, with players in Platinum ranks and above unable to queue with those more than one tier below them.

As for the ranked Arenas map rotation, players can expect Party Crasher, Phase Runner, and Overflow to be joined by one BR location that will change every two weeks. With Emergence, Kings Canyon’s Hillside, World’s Edge’s Dome, and Olympus’ Oasis will replace the BR locations from Legacy.