Apex’s Emergence patch to buff Caustic’s gas damage, Fuse’s kit, and Horizon’s Gravity Lift mobility, slight nerf to Revenant

This should shake up the meta.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While Apex Legends players are excited to test out new tracker Seer, a few existing legends have caught Respawn’s eye.

The battle royale’s tenth season, Emergence, begins next week and will introduce tons of new content. But four legends are being targeted in the patch, helping them elbow their way into the meta or toning them down a bit. Caustic, Fuse, and Horizon will receive buffs, while Revenant will get a slight nerf to his ultimate.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Caustic’s tumultuous patch history continues with the Toxic Trapper slated to be buffed. The legend fell off a bit after his ultimate cooldown was increased and his gas damage was switched from six to 12 to a flat five damage per second in the Chaos Theory patch. Emergence will now change the gas damage so that it’ll increase by one every other second, starting at five and scaling to “infinity.” This should make his gas dangerous for players who don’t take it seriously, forcing enemies to not linger in there too long. To compensate, Caustic’s ultimate will now end five seconds earlier.

Fuse has been a bit underwhelming since his launch, with the explosives expert failing to live up to his name. While Respawn isn’t pumping more damage into his kit, the legend’s Knuckle Cluster tactical will now have its duration doubled for some additional area denial. His Motherlode ultimate is also getting some love, highlighting any enemies within the ability’s circle of flame. This will extend to opponents hiding in buildings, revealing those targets even if they’re not in your line of sight.

As for Horizon, the astrophysicist should have an easier time moving while taking her Gravity Lift. The legend was slightly overpowered when she was released, so Respawn cut down her lift speed, side-to-side acceleration, and peak duration when using her tactical ability. The devs are partially reverting those changes, giving her a bit more mobility mid-air.

And enemies will get an audible and visual indicator for when Revenant’s Death Totem protection is about to end. This should help them time their shots against Rev and his allies, holding off if the protection is about to expire.

Apex’s 10th season will kick off on Aug. 3.