Apex’s Emergence gameplay trailer hints at Seer having a potential interrupt

The tracker's debut is right around the corner.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Seer may be more than just a tracker.

Today’s Emergence gameplay trailer showcased a myriad of upcoming content, including another look at Seer’s abilities. And while game director Chad Grenier briefly discussed the new legend’s kit during last week’s EA Play Live, Seer’s tactical might also be an interrupt.

The trailer shows Seer cast an ability toward a flying Valkyrie before running toward cover. The Winged Avenger is then seemingly interrupted mid-air, dropping instantly as a box indicates the ability hit true. His tactical was already known to send out microdrones that “reveal and track the enemy’s location,” according to Grenier, but a potential interrupt would add another layer to a useful ability.

A lot is still unknown about the ability, however. It’s unclear if it will affect multiple enemies or only focus on a single target, for example. And if it affects Valkyrie’s flying, what other abilities will it interrupt? While it may be similar to Revenant’s Silence, there are bound to be stark differences in range and area of effect.

As for Seer’s other abilities, the legend will have a heartbeat sensor when aiming down sights to clue you on an enemy’s location. And his ultimate releases a sphere of microdrones that tracks enemies moving quickly within the area.

Respawn has yet to confirm Seer’s interrupt ability. But with the new legend and season dropping on Aug. 3, fans should find out soon.