Seer’s ability kit in Apex Legends Emergence will include a heartbeat sensor and microdrones that track enemies

Come out, come out wherever you are.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Move over, Bloodhound. Another tracker’s coming to town.

Respawn unveiled Apex LegendsEmergence launch trailer during today’s EA Play Live, giving a first look at new legend Seer’s gameplay. While the trailer didn’t quite explain what his abilities do, game director Chad Grenier discussed the upcoming legend’s kit and how he’ll fit into the meta.

Similar to Bloodhound, Seer is a tracker who uses his abilities to provide intel for his squad. While aiming down sights, the legend will have a heartbeat sensor that clues you in on where your opponent might be. Seer’s tactical ability sends out drones from his chest that “reveal and track the enemy’s location,” according to Grenier. And Seer’s ultimate sends out hundreds of microdrones to create a sphere around a location, tracking enemies that move quickly within the area.

Grenier also discussed Seer’s potential and how he might change the meta, claiming his gameplay offers “very precise and lingering information.”

“He’s a bit more of a stealth-oriented legend [in comparison to Bloodhound], and you’re going to see some interactions because of that sphere… his ultimate,” Grenier said. “If you’re moving quickly through that space, your footsteps are revealed. But if you’re walking slowly, you can avoid the detection. And so I think you’ll see some interesting gameplay experiences and new ways to play with slowing it down a bit.”

Seer will likely change how opposing squads play firefights, especially if they’re caught in his ultimate. During later stages of a match when the ring is shrinking, the legend’s ultimate can potentially provide key information on an opposing team’s whereabouts. To avoid detection, opponents will have to walk slowly and approach the fray in a more subtle fashion.

Apex‘s tenth season, Emergence, kicks off on Tuesday, Aug. 3. Fans can also expect changes to World’s Edge and the addition of the new Rampart LMG.