Apex fan designs concept for a legend that can walk through walls

“Rogue” could have been inspired by earlier Revenant leaks.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Knowing when to retreat can be the difference between repositioning and defeat. An Apex fan created a concept for the ultimate hit-and-run legend, complete with the ability to walk through walls as a tool for last-second retreats.

The legend, identified only as “Rogue,” was posted on Apex Legends’ official subreddit. His kit is escape-oriented, but some of his skills can also be used for offense.

Rogue’s proposed tactical skill, “Escape Hatch,” would “create a personal temporary doorway” that allows players to phase through some walls, floors or ceilings. It’s designed to help with making quick getaways and to leave enemies scrambling to find you once you’ve disappeared. Calling it a “personal” doorway points to teammates and enemies being unable to cross through the door. It’s also unclear if it could be opened like a normal door, to create peek holes without the need to actually enter the room.

Escape Hatch is also the most versatile of Rogue’s skills. It can be used either defensively or offensively and has the potential to be a useful flanking tool. Passing through walls would allow players to bypass defensive tools such as Wattson’s fences and possibly Caustic’s gas barrels, and dropping in from above enemies is bound to catch them off-guard.

Rogue’s passive, Do-or-Die, increases his movement speed when healing or when taking ring damage, and allows him to use ziplines and his skills while downed. At first glance, the skill feels overtuned. The total effect is made out of two individual abilities, and each of them is strong enough to be a passive on its own.

Lastly, the ultimate, Exit Strategy, deploys a mobile, four-sided shield that protects Rogue and his team as they move. The catch is that using it forces players to stow their weapons. This would increase Rogue’s defense/escape potential, but it could be tricky to use depending on the shield’s size and teammates’ ability to keep up.

Community reception to the idea was mostly positive, but some users felt that the passive skill was overpowered. Players also showed concerns that Rogue would serve as a hypothetical counter to Wattson, given his capacity to bypass her fences and to easily destroy the pylons she places as her ultimate.

This isn’t the first time the ability to walk through walls has come up in Apex Legends. Datamining efforts revealed that Revenant, one of the legends teased to join Apex Legends at some point in the future, would have a similar skill.

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The game files mentioned an ability called “shadow door,” which would create a temporary doorway through a wall. It’s unclear if the skill will make its way to the final version of Revenant, or when the legend will be released.