Apex data miner finds a gun charm that shows Wattson holding a Companion Cube

Another cosmetic for Apex's upcoming Steam debut.

Screengrab via PlayApex

It’s dangerous to go into the Apex Games alone, but Apex Legends fans may find more company to brave the Outlands. Shrugtal, one of Apex‘s most prolific data miners, found a gun charm earlier today that depicts Wattson holding a Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal franchise.

The Wattson gun charm is reportedly part of a trio of cosmetics to celebrate the partnership between EA and Valve, which has added Origin titles such as Titanfall 2 to the Steam Store. Data miners also found a GlaDOS-themed gun charm, as well as an Octane with a headcrab from the Half-Life franchise.

The Companion Cube makes an appearance in one of Portal‘s test chambers, where players must use it to clear the puzzle. The Companion Cube can block deadly orbs of light and helps players progress through the level, which helped it earn the affection of parts of the community—likely for being the only thing in Portal’s test chambers that doesn’t intend to harm the main character, Chell.

GLaDOS herself might help explain why the Companion Cube became so dear to Portal fans. “The Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you,” she says.

At the end of the puzzle, GLaDOS sadistically has players “euthanize” the Companion Cube to progress through the level. Players vehemently resisted the sacrifice, with Portal head designer Kim Swift saying that “a couple of people jumped into the incinerator themselves rather than kill the cube,” even during early play-tests at Valve.

Apex‘s Steam debut doesn’t have an official release date yet, but Respawn revealed that the battle royale would be available to play on Steam “starting this fall.”