How to get the Among Us hololive VTuber skins and cosmetics

Reach for the stars. This time the digital ones.

Image via Innersloth

From a dog to a shark, hololive production is taking over Among Us in a new Cosmicube collaboration that will see 10 different VTubers taking on the role of crewmates. 

Risu, Gura, Marine, Korone, Moona, Okayu, Mio, Fubuki, Pekora, and Amelia are all making an appearance in this new collab, with Innersloth providing cosmetics to let fans turn their crewmate into a sussy versions of their favorite VTubers. 

With this specific Cosmicube bundle, players will get 10 sets of VTuber cosmetics and an additional 10 faces to apply on their visors. And, being a collab set, it will be a special premium offer. 

How to obtain the hololive production VTuber skin bundle in Among Us

Just like with all premium Cosmicubes, players can only obtain the hololive bundle through the use of Stars. This is Among Us’ premium currency, which can only be purchased through the use of real money. 

The hololive production bundle will run you 110 Stars. This is the equivalent of $9.99 and is actually an exact bundle offered in the game’s shop—which saves players from needing to make multiple transactions to pay more for currency they might not want to purchase. 

At 110 Stars, this is actually tied for the most expensive premium Cosmicube yet with the indefinitely available Feast option. It is also just the second big third-party crossover in this section, following Riot Game’s Arcane collab from last November.

Once you purchase the hololive Cosmicube it will be yours forever, even after the items leave the shop on Dec. 20. You can also use these items across all platforms as long as you link the same account you purchased the items through on each system when you log into Among Us