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A Korok in Breath of the Wild.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

All types of Korok puzzles and how to solve them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Ya-ha-ha, you found me!

Koroks are everywhere in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you’ll encounter them throughout your entire journey across Hyrule. That said, you’ll need to solve their puzzles if you want Koroks to give you their valuable Korok Seeds, and some Korok puzzles are surprisingly tricky. 

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If you’re stuck on a Korok puzzle, or want to know which ones to expect in Tears of the Kingdom, look no further. Here’s every type of Korok puzzle you can encounter in Tears of the Kingdom and how to solve them.

All Korok Puzzles and solutions in Tears of the Kingdom

Reunite two Koroks

Link is standing in front of a Korok with a very heavy backpack.
Help two Korok friends find each other again. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This Korok puzzle wasn’t in Breath of the Wild, yet it’s one of the most common ones in Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll occasionally encounter a Korok wearing a backpack. If you talk to them, they’ll tell you that they’re looking for their friend. You should see green smoke nearby. 

You’ll have to carry the Korok (they can’t move on their own, because their backpack is too heavy) toward the smoke in the distance, where you’ll find their friend. There are many ways to do this, but in general, the easiest way is to use Ultrahand and carry them yourself. You may also need to build a vehicle to transport them—you can glue Koroks to things like any other Ultrahand part. As a bonus, since you are technically solving a puzzle for two Koroks, you’ll also get two seeds.

Catch a dandelion

If you encounter a dandelion, hit it with your weapon to make the dandelion petal fly into the air. As it falls, catch it before it lands on the ground. If you don’t catch it in time, return to the flower and strike it again to make another petal fall.

Lift a rock

Link using a power on a large boulder.
Check under that suspicious boulder. Image via Nintendo

Yup, just lift a rock. If you see a rock that looks out of place, there’s a good chance that a Korok is hiding underneath it. Use Ultrahand to lift the rock. Also, rocks are often hidden underneath piles of leaves, so check there, too.

Destroy a hanging jar

If you see a suspicious jar tied to a chain hanging somewhere, grab your bow. Hit the pot with an arrow—any arrow will do—to destroy it. A Korok will fall out, and you’ll get your Korok Seed.

Destroy a jar inside a hollow tree

Link in Korok Forest with a Shine in the background.
Look for jars inside hollow trees. Screenshot by Dot Esports

These are similar to the hanging jar Koroks, but harder to spot. If you see a fallen tree or an odd-shaped tree, look around to see if there’s a hollow. If there is, there might be a jar inside. Shoot an arrow or use your weapon to break the jar, and a Korok will appear.

Follow the sparkly trail

These Korok puzzles are fairly easy to spot. If you see a set of sparkles moving on the ground, making a small trail, touch it, and a Korok will appear. The sparkly trails can move surprisingly quickly, so it’s helpful to figure out their movement pattern and wait for the glittering sparks to come to you.

Look for sparkles on top of tall structures

Link walking towards several sky blocks.
Tall towers and spires usually have Koroks waiting for you at the top. Image via Nintendo

If you see an interesting-looking tall structure, always try climbing it. On top of many of these structures are Koroks. You usually have to climb to the tip of a tower to trigger them. You can tell a Korok is there if you see stationary sparkles near the top. Interact with them, and a Korok will pop out.

Touch the yellow flowers

This one can be annoying. First, you’ll need to find a big yellow flower. Once you touch it, the flower will disappear and reappear nearby. You’ll also hear a timer in the distance. To solve this puzzle, touch all the flowers that appear before the timer runs out. 

Once you touch the final (white) flower, a Korok will appear. The flowers can require climbing, running, and even gliding to get to them. They usually take a few tries, so don’t stress if you don’t get them straight away.

Jump through a lily pad circle

In most bodies of water, there’s a chance you’ll see a circle of lily pads. You need to jump from high up (it doesn’t need to be too high) and land in the very center of this circle. Once you make a splash, a Korok will appear.

Ascend through a cracked ceiling

A marker on the ceiling marking where Link will go through by using Ascend.
Ascend through the hole to find a Korok. Screenshot by Dot Esports

These can be hard to spot. Inside caves or small structures of ruins, you may notice a cracked round ceiling at the top that looks like a plugged-up hole. Use Ascend to pass through. Once you finish ascending, a Korok should appear.

Finish a rock formation

Sometimes, you may see a rock formation that almost looks like a shape (like a circle, square, triangle, or star) with one rock missing. Don’t worry—it will be very obvious that one is missing. Finish the formation by grabbing a nearby rock and dropping it in place. There are usually several around. Once you finish the formation, a Korok will appear and reward you with a seed.

Shoot the balloons

Link is aiming his bow next to a few trees.
Complete the shooting gallery challenge for a Korok Seed. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you see a propeller, usually at higher altitudes, it means there’s a shooting gallery nearby. Stand near the propeller and several balloons will appear. You have to shoot every single balloon. Don’t worry—there’s no time limit. Once you’ve popped the last balloon, a Korok will appear.

Shoot the hidden balloon

While not as common as the Shooting Gallery, you may occasionally run into single hidden balloons all by themselves. Simply pop them to make a Korok appear.

Fix the roof

Links standing in front of a bunch of building materials
You’ll get a Korok Seed for fixing the broken roof. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Like rock formations, you’ll sometimes see a structure with a hole in the roof (it looks like an old bus stop). Conveniently, there should be a wooden beam nearby perfect for filling the hole in the roof. Use Ultrahand to slot it into place and enjoy your Korok Seed.

Unplug a hole

You may come across a hollow stump or geyser blocked by what looks like a bath plug (sometimes with a small chain). Grab the other end of the plug with your Ultrahand and pull. Sometimes, you may have to Fuse something heavy to the plug and drop it to create enough force. A Korok will pop out once the hole is unplugged. 

Complete the tree stump time trial

Link standing in front of a Korok stump.
Stand on the stump to start the trial. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This can be another annoying one. First, find a stump with a Korok symbol that looks like a leaf. Stand on the stump and you’ll hear a pop. Quickly look around you, and you should see a round floating circle made of small yellow balls

Get to the circle as fast as possible. There can be rivers or even mountains between the stump and the circle. If you don’t get there before the last ball shrinks, return to the stump and try again. If you get to the circle with at least one ball active, a Korok will appear.

Solve cube puzzles

Similar to Tetris, you need to rotate shapes to make them fit into other shapes. These cubes will either be on the side of mountains or inside small caves. Use Ultrahand to grab a loose shape and place it on the stationary one to make a satisfying square, rectangle, pyramid, or anything else that looks like a clean shape. Once everything is in place, a Korok will pop out.

Put a rock on top of a Y-shaped tree

If you see a Y-shaped tree with no leaves and only three branches, always look nearby for a rock that will conveniently fit on top of the tree. There should be one in the vicinity. Grab it with Ultrahand, place it on the tree, and a Korok will appear.

Make an offering

On your journey, you might come across small statues with bowls in front of them. Most of the time, all but one of the statues will have an apple (or another item) in their bowls. 

Drop an apple inside the empty bowl, and a Korok will pop up. Don’t take the apples from the other bowls because they all need to be full for the Korok to spawn, but once it does, you’re free to take the rest of the fruit.

Follow the red signs

Occasionally, you may run across one (or more) red arrow signs that seem to be pointing in a random direction. Follow these signs. A red sign will usually lead you to another sign, then another, and another, and eventually, you’ll trigger a Korok to appear.

Ring a bell

Hateno Village from Tears of the Kingdom.
Look for a bell tower and shoot the bell with an arrow. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This one is rare, as you have to find a tower with a working bell. When you do encounter one, shoot the bell to make it ring. Try looking for bell towers inside towns and villages. A Korok may pop out when you ring the tower’s bell.

And that’s everything! With this guide, you’ll be able to solve every Korok puzzle you come across. If you’re having trouble finding Koroks in Hyrule, here’s how to find a mask that will help you out

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