Xenoblade Chronicles 3 leaks, fully Steam Deck compatible

This comes as quite a surprise.

Image via Nintendo

The upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set to launch on July 29. Ahead of its release, many fans have claimed copies of the game are already out and about. This has prompted players to post screenshots of the game on various social media platforms, spoiling aspects of the game for other players.

Among the leaks, there has been one troubling detail that has also been revealed. Apparently, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is fully compatible with the Steam Deck. Players that managed to get their hands on advance copies of the game proudly displayed this fact all over social media, with some online personalities even getting in on the action.

Noted YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers posted a photo of the game running on the Steam Deck.

Once the game copies leaked out, it seems that some players took it upon themselves to create a playable ROM of the game and ported it to the Steam Deck, leading to this taking place. How far the game is compatible on the Steam Deck is unknown, but from the little we have seen so far, it seems to be running perfectly well on the handheld device.

Image via Nintendo

This problem isn’t the only one that Nintendo has faced recently, with President Shuntaro Furukuwa stating that they are looking into the problem of the leaks and are working to fix them. This particular problem wasn’t entirely tied to Nintendo’s security system since it seems like this might have happened due to some retail store copies either being stolen or sold earlier than expected.

As such, we urge fans of Xenoblade Chronicle 3 to steer clear of potential spoilers and wait for the day of launch to play the game without ruining the experience.