How to unlock every hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Make sure you're not missing any characters.

Image via Nintendo

It can be difficult to know how to unlock each character and when to start looking for them in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Players can unlock heroes as early as chapter two of the game, and from then on, many opportunities arise to gather heroes. Using our guide, you will be able to fill up your party with all of the characters you can use. You can miss some characters if you don’t get them when they’re available, while others are unlocked as the game progresses.

You can unlock most of the characters in the game by completing their hero quest, so don’t worry about not doing things correctly. It is best to complete all the hero quests in the chapter we listed because not doing so is an easy way to miss them. If you’re unsure when exactly to do so in the chapter, get to the point where you’re just about to finish the chapter and then go back and get the characters. The only exception is Ashera and Segiri, which have prerequisites you should complete before attempting to invite them to your party.

We’ve listed each character you can unlock below in alphabetical order, with the instructions for unlocking them.

CharacterClassChapter unlockedHow to unlock them
AlexandriaIncursorChapter fourGo to Eagus Wilderness, Zem’s Crossway, and head for the Dies Arch landmark. Kill the Agnia soldiers and beat Colony lota during the Her Reasons hero quest.
AshereaLone ExileChapter fourBefore infiltrating, go to the ? marker next to the front gates and complete Wrath of Ashera hero quest.
CammuraviSeraphChapter sixOnce you complete Side Story: Mio, go to Captocorn Peak, Colony Omega. Once you’re there, go to the lab, and you’ll come across Cammuravi. Complete the A Twist of Fate hero quest.
EthelFlash FencerChapter threeReturn to the Colony Omega lab after recruiting Cammuravi. Ethel is temporary but then becomes permanent later in the chapter.
FionaSignifierChapter fiveComplete Transparent Dreams hero quest at Conchrock Beach, Erythia Sea.
GhondorMartial ArtistChapter fiveUnlocked by playing the story; Ghondor cannot be missed, but she is temporary.
GrayFull Metal JaguarChapter threeGo to Millick Meadows. Head north from there and climb the purple vines. Approach the ? icon and complete A Gray Matter hero quest.
IsurdStrategosChapter fourAfter liberating Colony Lambda, talk to Isurd in his office and complete the Unwavering Resolve hero quest.
JuniperStalkerChapter fourUnlocked by playing the story; Juniper cannot be missed.
MananaYumsmithChapter threeUnlocked by playing the story; Manana cannot be missed.
MeliaRoyal SummonerPost-gameBeating the game, quit, and then load your completed saved file again. Go to Keves Castle, Main Castle Gate, and finish the new quest there.
MiyabiTroubadorChapter sixAs you go through the main story, you’ll get a sidequest called Side Story: Mio, complete it.
MonicaLost VanguardChapter fiveComplete the Vandham’s Heir hero quest after discovering the Guernica Vanham topic in the City.
NiaLifesagePost-GameAfter beating the game, quit and load your completed save file again. Go to Cloudkeep, Hall of the Serene, and go to the event marker.
RikuYumsmithChapter threeUnlocked by playing the story; Riku cannot be missed.
SegiriMachine AssassinChapter fiveFinish the Imminent Illusion quest in chapter four. Return to Colony 4 after chapter four and complete side quests. Keep completing side quests until a new quest pops up outside of Colony 4. The quest will be called Severed connection; complete it and head to the City. Complete Writer’s Block in the City and then head to Colony Omega. Head south from there and complete the Inhumanity hero quest.
TeachThaumaturgeChapter threeLiberate Colony Gamma. When you’re finished, go to the green quest marker in Alfeto Valley, Gura Flava Lowlands, and complete the Going Beyond Power hero quest.
TritonSoulhackerChapter fiveA number of things need to be done to unlock this character. Look for Colony 15 on the beach at Erythia Sea. Then, complete an event at Ishan Isle. Finally, complete the Doing It My Way hero quest at Harghan Point Camp.
ValdiWar MedicChapter threeUnlocked by playing the story; Valdi cannot be missed.
ZeonGuardian CommanderChapter twoComplete Where The Heart Is hero quest in Colony 9 after finishing Colony 30.