Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is having its copies leaked—and the fanbase is in a frenzy

Spoiler season is on the horizon.

Image via Nintendo

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is currently more than a week away from releasing, and various sources point out the fact that the game is already having its copies leaked out and into the public.

Reports have been surfacing on various websites, globally, with people sharing photos and videos of them having their hands on new copies that aren’t supposed to be available at this point in time.

Over at the Xenoblade Chronicles subreddit, user Koishi_514 shared a photo, displaying that they possessed a copy of the game.

Twitter users everywhere can be seen in a frenzied panic, trying to stay calm and not come across any leaked footage from the game as copies are preemptively making it into the hands of the public.

A Twitter user going by the handle Yggdrasiel_ shared a screenshot from the online shop Mercari, where one user was putting up their copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for sale. The user then ended their tweet by warning people to get off of social media for a while, most likely to avoid game spoilers. This copy has been since sold.

Users on platforms like the Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili, as well as ResetEra, have spotted other users proudly posting about their own copies of the game, but have since been taken down.

If you care about not having the game spoiled for yourself, you may want to start blacklisting some words on Twitter so you don’t come across anything you don’t want to see, and maybe cut down on social media usage in general—for at least another week.