Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features showcased in 8-minute overview trailer

A great showcase of the game's features.

Image via Nintendo

The Xenoblade Chronicles saga was one of the most beloved RPG series released by Monolith Soft. The series finally makes its return with the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 earlier this year, making it one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2022.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the upcoming latest installment in the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise that is set to contain new features and a massive open world while also maintaining some aspects of the franchise such as its easy-to-adapt fighting system.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 puts players in the shoes of Noah, an Off-Seer who plays the flute and uses a sword in battle. His task is to use his flute to send off deceased soldiers to the great beyond. Eventually, Noah is accompanied by new companions over time, namely Lanz, Eunie, and Mwamba.

Image via Nintendo

Noah is vital to the cause and these three new faces form a special task force unit whose main purpose is to protect Noah from harm as he goes about his mission. But as is with most RPGs of this nature, things do not go according to plan which leads Noah and his party off on an adventure that spans the entire world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

This was all the information we had until today. Then, Nintendo’s Japanese channel released an eight-minute-long trailer showcasing some more features of the new entry in the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. Even though the trailer is entirely in Japanese, it should not be too difficult to get a feel for the new game in this trailer.

This is the first major update we have had from Nintendo regarding Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and we fully expect to get an English trailer soon. But for those that have been chomping at the bit for some Xenoblade Chronicles 3 info, this trailer definitely satisfies those itches till the game’s eventual launch on July 29.