All classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Every class in the game.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an upcoming action RPG developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. It is a part of the highly popular Xenoblade Chronicles series and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 highlights what happened to the worlds featured in the first two Xenoblade Chronicles games.

The game features a variety of characters with different specialties that bring something different to the party. To distinguish between these characters, the game has a class system. Each class determines how certain characters play and what their role in a party is. 

Apart from player classes, other characters can be divided into main roles and classes that originate from these roles.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes and roles

To sum it up, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has three different roles, each with its own specialties. The roles are as follows:

  • Attacker: The classic RPG damage dealers
  • Defender: The party protectors
  • Healer: The ones that keep the party alive and provide buffs

From what we know so far, every one of these roles can be further divided into classes. Each one will pertain to one specific main character class as well as extend to the hero classes of other characters. Every squad member will have specific functions in the party and things they specialize in doing, with unique sets of skills and weapons they can use.

So let us break down the roles a little further and reveal which classes originate from which role.

1) Attacker

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Attackers are the offensive frontmen of any party. They keep the pressure up on their opponents by dealing huge damage in a short period of time. As such, they generally come equipped with certain skills and weapons that accentuate this playstyle.

Attackers can do well in a party lineup where they deal damage to multiple enemies at once, but in this game, they truly shine in one-vs-one situations where they can unleash their full power on a single opponent. This role has certain classes that the main characters comprise while the other classes that originate from this role are hero classes they can turn into.

  • Swordfighter: Noah’s starting class. Very straightforward and simple to execute. This class is perfect for players who enjoy getting up close and personal with their opponents.
  • Ogre: Sena’s starting class. While not as quick as the Swordfighter, this class provides a slower alternative that packs a much bigger punch. Every attack that originates from this class is extremely destructive and perfect for decimating groups of enemies.
  • Incursor: This class focuses on more precise, calculated hits to deal immense amounts of damage within a few hits. This playstyle is further accentuated by its high critical hit rate, ramping up the damage even further.
  • Yumsmith: This class is a bit more technical than the other attackers. While its damage is no joke, the main strength of this class lies in debuffing enemies and using their weaknesses against them.
  • Full Metal Jaguar: Unlike other classes, this class likes to keep its range from its opponents. It does so by using a variety of firearms and drones to deal damage from a distance by launching attacks from a high range.
  • Stalker: This class likes to stay in the shadows, using its abilities to maintain a stealthy approach as well as arrows to snipe its targets from a safe vantage point.

2) Defender

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Defenders are the classic tanks of any RPG. They have a high health pool and defenses to protect themselves and the rest of the party. These characters are great damage sponges with the ability to draw enemy aggro towards them. This works perfectly in their favor since most of them are strong enough to counter-attack just as powerfully.

  • Zephyr: Mio’s starting class. Extremely mobile for a tank and utilizes this to her advantage by quickly avoiding attacks that would otherwise prove fatal, while counterattacking them as they attempt to land on her.
  • Heavy Guard: Lanz’s starting class. Unlike Zephyr, this class does not focus on evading attacks but is strong enough to just absorb blows. The primary function of this class is to draw the attention of as many enemies as possible while taking their blows and letting his teammates do their jobs.
  • Guardian Commander: This class defends using their shield while counterattacking with their sword. A perfect mix of offense and defense in one class.
  • Lone Exile: This class specializes in defense, using their well-trained bodies to defend against attacks, baiting the enemy before launching formidable counterattacks.

3) Healer

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Healers are the humble supports who generally stay behind their stronger attackers and tankier defenders. They are the backbone of the party, making sure everyone is healthy and in fighting shape while also buffing them and making them stronger. They are also responsible for debuffing negative effects on their allies, ensuring they can maintain their offensive barrage and defensive guard.

  • Medic Gunner: Eunie’s starting class. The primary healer in the game. Provides the strongest heals to keep the party alive and healthy.
  • Tactician: Taion’s starting class. More of a buff specialist, providing a good mix of positive buffs to allies while negatively debuffing the enemies to make them weaker.
  • War Medic: This class has some offensive capabilities for a healer, especially using their big gun to attack while also providing healing and buffs to their teammates.
  • Signifer: This class focuses more on buffing as well, jumping into combat with a bladed flag that provides mostly offensive buffs to their party, rallying them in battle.

Additional class interactions

With so many choices in classes, there are specific ways to unlock them. Since every recruitable party member in the game has their own class, they will first need to be recruited into the party. Upon doing this, you need to complete their specific hero quests to unlock their class. This includes heroes as well.

Once certain classes have been unlocked, they can also be changed as per convenience. You just have to open the Class Selection menu and change the class as needed. Bear in mind that this choice will have consequences because if the class is changed, the characters’ base stats and arts will also change. Choose wisely.

And finally, every class can even be ranked up. Ranking up is probably the easiest thing to do since you simply need to keep playing the character to eventually rank them up. Ranking up a class has a lot of benefits such as access to specific Master Skills and Arts. Once unlocked, these can be used even if the character isn’t currently using that class