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Wuthering Waves Livestream: banners, pre-download, and rewards

Everything you need to know.

Gacha games love their livestreams, and we love gobbling up all the content they feed us. Now that Wuthering Waves is right around the corner, we want to know everything about the game’s banners, rewards, and when we can pre-download it.

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That said, not everyone has an hour to waste with interviews, previews, and teasers. If you’d rather read everything in a neat and tidy guide with all the info, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wuthering Waves livestream ahead of the game’s release.

Wuthering Waves: Launch and pre-download details

Wuthering Waves is set for global release on May 22 at 10 PM EST. For those eager to get a head start, pre-download will be available on May 21 at 6 AM EST.

All Wuthering Waves rewards

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Pre-registration rewards

There are a ton of pre-registration rewards available that you can get by signing up for Wuthering Waves before it comes out.

  • 80,000 Shell Credits
  • 10 Advanced Resonance Potions
  • 200 Astrites
  • One Sigil
  • 20 Standard Pulls

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you get these rewards sent directly to your in-game mailbox on release.

Social media follow rewards

By following the game’s social media channels, which are listed at the bottom of the Wuthering Waves official website, you can get a four-star Weapon Selector, also delivered via in-game mail. 

Additional Rewards

On top of the pre-registration and social media rewards, there are two more rewards scheduled for May:

  • May 24: 10 Standard Pulls
  • May 25: 10 Limited Pulls

That means you’re getting an extra 20 pulls for playing Wuthering Waves during its release week. 

Union levels and leveling rewards

If you want more rewards, you just have to play Wuthering Waves and level up from one to 45. Progressing through Union Levels unlocks the following rewards:

  • Union Level Five: Five Standard Pulls and 200 Astrites.
  • Union Level 15: Five Standard Pulls and 400 Astrites.
  • Union Level 25: 15 Standard Pulls and two Crystal Solvents (They grant 60 energy each).
  • Union Level 35: 15 Standard Pulls and 4 Crystal Solvents.
  • Union Level 45: Five-Star Weapon Selector and 1000 Astrites.

At Rover Level 30, you get 10 Standard Pulls.

Seven-Day login rewards

Logging into the game every day also nets you some rewards. Log in to Wuthering Waves daily for seven days to earn:

  • Day one to four: Standard and Limited Pulls
  • Day five: A free Sanhua character
  • Day six to seven: Extra pulls

Wuthering Waves: Beginner banner

Wuthering Waves beginner banner
Your first few characters. Image via KuroGames

The Wuthering Waves livestream showcased a special beginner banner designed to help new players get a strong start:

  • Discounted Rate: Eight Standard Pulls instead of ten for a ten-pull
  • Guaranteed Five-Star: If you don’t get a Five-Star within 50 pulls, you’re guaranteed one.
  • Optional Five-Star Selector: After obtaining your first Five-Star, you unlock a banner allowing you to choose a specific Five-Star character, guaranteed within 80 pulls.

Wuthering Waves: All launch events

wuthering waves character
Keep you busy. Image via KuroGames

There are lots of exciting events that will be live from the get-go:

  • Tower of Adversity: An event to earn a free Yuanwu character and valuable upgrade materials.
  • Depths of Illusive Realm: Get five Astrites and five Star Echoes.
  • Overdash Club: A parkour event to earn Astrites.
  • Allow Smelt: An event to focus on team-building and challenging enemy stages to earn Astrites.
  • Second Coming of Solaris: Complete daily commissions for rewards to get more Astrites.

Wuthering Waves: New region, storyline, and characters shown in the Livestream

Wuthering Waves characters interacting with a computer
We’re all here for the plot, folks. Image via KuroGames

Wuthering Waves will feature updated dialogues and an entirely new region to explore, which is sure to please returning players.

There are also new characters, like Chameleon and Chang Lee, who have been introduced with stunning models. But it’s not all friendly faces around here; prepare for challenging new bosses, including a female version of the Countess.

Exploration remains largely the same but with added gap points for faster traversal, which is always welcome when you’re grinding EXP.

There have also been significant updates to the Echo system, with the following being the most significant:

  • Reduced Stamina consumption: Earn echoes and materials without heavy stamina usage.
  • Less wait time: Collect echoes faster.
  • Echo combining: Combine five echoes to create higher-quality echoes.
  • Recycle for materials: Recycle old echoes to reclaim some materials for new ones.
  • More mobs: Increased mob presence in the open world for more echo drops.

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