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Boss Baron Aquanis in Blackfathom Deeps in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

WoW SoD: Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) loot table

Seven bosses to drop loot.

Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) received a makeover with the release of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. BFD turned into a 10-player raid dungeon, with new bosses alongside returning ones. The new dungeon also brings new possible loot for those prepared to face the followers of Aku’Mai.

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You and your party will need to be at least level 25 to face the mobs and bosses in BFD. This dungeon is located in Northwestern Ashenvale, and those interested in participating in the raid will need to swim through an underwater entrance to find it.

Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) loot table in WoW Classic SoD

Ghamoo-Ra, the famous turtle boss from the Blackfathom Deeps dungeon in WoW Classic
Ghamoo-Ra is back. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There is a total of seven bosses in World of Warcraft Classic‘s Blackfathom Deeps, and each has its own loot table. Most items are armor pieces or weapons, but some drop other types of items, such as rings or even an idol. Each item has a certain percentage chance of being dropped, making it more or less likely for some items to appear as loot.

According to some players, however, there’s a feeling that the loot tables in BFD are dropping an excessive amount of mail and nowhere near enough leather or cloth. The Blizzard forums have numerous stories of players detailing that they’ve been receiving less than one piece of either cloth or leather per raid. It’s certainly not ideal after all of the effort that goes into a raid, and hopefully, Blizzard addresses it at some time in the future.

Baron Aquanis

Baron Aquanis is the first boss you encounter. It can drop 10 items in total, most being armor pieces except for one two-handed sword. Here are the most and one of the least common items Baron Aquanis drops, followed by its full loot table:

Shoulderguards of Crushing Depths (33.33 percent)

  • 163 armor.
  • +3 Strength.
  • +11 Stamina.

Fathomblade (6.67 percent)

  • 71-107 damage (24.72 damage per second).
  • Blasts all enemies in front of you with pressurized water.
  • Improves your chance to hit with spells and with melee and ranged attacks by one percent.
LootTypeItem Level
Cord of AquanisLeather Armor30
Cracked Water GlobeOff-handed frill30
Droplet ChokerAmulet30
FathombladeTwo-handed sword30
Flowing ScarfCloak30
High Tide ChokerAmulet30
Hydraxian BanglesMail armor30
Loop of Swift CurrentsRing30
Shoulderguards of Crushing DepthsMail armor30
Sub-Zero PauldronsCloth armor30


Ghamoo-ra is the second boss you’ll face in BFD. Out of the eight items, you can get armor, a shield, and two weapons. The following items are the most and least common Ghamoo-ra loot, followed by its full loot table:

Ironhide Arbalest (37.50 percent)

  • 19-37 damage (14.74 damage per second).
  • Increased Defense +3.

Shell Plate Barrier (12.50 percent)

  • 661 Armor.
  • 14 Block.
  • +12 Strength.
LootTypeItem Level
Adamantine Tortoise ArmorMail armor30
Chipped Bite of Serra’kisDagger35
Ghamoo-ra’s CinchCloth armor30
Ironhide ArbalestCrossbow30
Mantle of the Thresher SlayerLeather armor30
Shell Plate BarrierShield30
Shimmering ShoulderpadsMail armor30
Shimmering Thresher CapeCloak30

Lady Sarevess

Lady Sarevess is the third boss you encounter in BFD and the one with the most weapon drops. This boss drops a total of 12 items that include armor pieces, rings, a cloak, a one-handed sword, a bow, and a polearm. Here are the most and one of the least common Lady Sarevess loot items, followed by the full loot table:

Leggings of the Faithful (50 percent)

  • 191 Armor.
  • +10 Strength.
  • +7 Agility.
  • +9 Stamina.

Honed Darkwater Talwar (7.14 percent)

  • 43-82 damage (23.15 damage per second).
  • Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy causing 30 Shadow damage.
LootTypeItem Level
Artemis CowlLeather armor30
Band of Deep PlacesRing30
Guardian’s TridentPolearm30
Honed Darkwater TalwarOne-handed sword35
Leggings of the FaithfulMail armor30
Mask of ScornMail armor30
Naga Battle GauntletsLeather armor30
Naga HeartrenderBow30
Rakkamar’s Tattered Thinking CapCloth armor30
Signet of BeastsRing30
Strength of PurposeOne-handed Mace30
Waterproof ScarfCloak30


Gelihast is the fourth boss you have to defeat in BFD and the first one in the dungeon to have staffs, a wand, and a bag in the loot table among the 12 items it can drop. Here are the most and one of the least common items Gelihast drops, followed by the full loot table:

Wrathful Spire (21.43 percent)

  • 55-84 damage (24.82 damage per second).
  • +11 Stamina.
  • Increases damage done by Nature spells and effects by up to 17.
  • Increases the healing done by spells and effects by up to 26.

Twilight Sage’s Walking Stick (7.14 percent)

  • 51-78 damage (24.81 damage per second).
  • +5 Stamina.
  • +10 Spirit.
  • Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 24.
LootTypeItem Level
Algae GauntletsMail armor30
Black Shroud ChokerAmulet30
Coral Reef AxeTwo-handed axe30
Murloc Hide KneebootsLeather armor30
Ring of ShadowsightRing30
SkinwalkersCloth armor30
Tome of Cavern LoreOff-handed frill30
Twilight Invoker’s RobesCloth armor30
Twilight Sage’s Walking StickStaff30
Wrathful SpireStaff30
Bottomless Murloc Skin BagBag25

Lorgus Jett

Lorgus Jett is the fifth boss and probably one of the easiest to deal with. The loot table has 11 items in total that include a libram, an idol, armor pieces, and three types of weapons. Here are the most and one of the least common items Lorgus Jett can drop:

Mind-Expanding Mushroom (21.43 percent)

  • +5 Spirit.

Fist of the Wild (7.14 percent)

  • 44-72 damage (20.71 damage per second).
  • 60 Armor.
  • +6 Strength.
  • +6 Agility.
  • +6 Stamina.
  • +6 Intellect.
  • +6 Spirit.
  • +59 Attack Power in Cat, Bear, and Dire Bear forms only.
LootTypeItem Level
Discarded Tenets of the Silver HandLibram30
Fist of the WildTwo-handed mace30
Glowing Leather BandsLeather armor30
Hammer of Righteous JudgementOne-handed mace30
Mind-Expanding MushroomIdol30
Silver Hand SabatonsMail armor30
Sturdy HoodLeather armor30
Sun-Touched CrescentDagger30
Twilight Invoker’s ShoesCloth armor30
Twilight Slayer’s FootpadsLeather armor30
Twilight Slayer’s TunicLeather armor30

Twilight Lord Kelris

Twilight Lord Kelris is the sixth boss, and it might be the one causing the most problems when you fight in BFD. Its table of drops isn’t as lengthy as the other bosses, with only five items that feature two cloth armors, a ring, and two weapons. Here are the most and one of the least common Twilight Lord Kelris loot drops, followed by the full loot table:

Rod of the Sleepwalker (49.25 percent)

  • 53-80 damage (23.75 damage per second).
  • +11 Intellect.
  • +10 Spirit.

Black Fingerless Gloves (9.09 percent)

  • 31 Armor.
  • +6 Stamina.
  • +9 Intellect.
  • +4 Spirit.
LootTypeItem Level
Signet of the Twilight LordRing30
Black Fingerless GlovesCloth Armor33
Blackfathom Ritual DaggerDagger31
Rod of the SleepwalkerStaff29
Gaze Dreamer PantsCloth armor28


Aku’Mai is the final boss of BFD, and you can get one of the three items in its loot table, which are two armor pieces and a weapon. Here are the most and one of the least common loot Aku’Mai drops:

Moss Cinch (38.29 percent)

  • 59 Armor.
  • +5 Stamina.
  • +11 Intellect.

Strike of the Hydra (19.90 percent)

  • 67-102 damage (25.61 damage per second).
  • Corrosive acid deals seven Nature damage every three seconds and lowers the target’s armor by 50 for 30 seconds.
LootTypeItem Level
Moss CinchLeather armor31
Leech PantsCloth armor31
Strike of the HydraTwo-handed sword31

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