WoW players discover Gorehowl Easter egg in new megadungeon

It's not only for slicing and dicing!

A room in Dawn of the Infinite showing armies fighting.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon is a blast from the past, giving players a glimpse of how Galkrond, the father of dragons, looked, rare and unobtained mounts via Quantum Courser, and a piece of history in the shape of the iconic weapon, Gorehowl. Gorehowl is not only for slicing and dicing enemies, but it also comes with an Easter egg.

On Sept. 17, one WoW player discovered and shared with Wowhead an Easter egg that summons Grommash Hellscream using Gorehowl, a two-handed axe from the Hellscream family wielded by both Grommash and his son, Garrosh.

To summon a ghost-like version of Grommash that greets you, you need to meet a couple of requirements:

It’s important to note that Grommash will randomly spawn, and you can’t really affect when and where that will be. It’s still a mystery if only the transmog will summon him, or if you need to have the item in the bags or equipped.

Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief is a two-handed axe that currently drops in Dawn of the Infinite from the Time-Lost Battlefield boss, and it should be dropping on both Heroic and Mythic difficulty. The drop rate is, unfortunately, unknown, but it will surely take you a couple of runs before you can get it. This item is actually an updated version of the original Gorehowl, the same weapon that drops from Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan.

The main reason why Goregowl is so epic, besides its unique look, is because it’s been in the Grommash family for generations, and it’s imbued with the power of groans, one-eyed giants found on Draenor. 

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