How to unlock the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon in WoW Dragonflight

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Iridikron, of of the most powerful of the Primal Incarnates in Dawn of the Infinite.
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In Dawn of the Infinite, World of Warcraft Dragonflight players deal with alternate versions of their favorite characters like Chromie. But before you can head on your time adventures, you need to unlock the megadungeon.

Dawn of the Infinite is an eight-boss megadungeon that has no timer and is more demanding to clear than regular dungeons. In Dragonflight season three, Dawn of the Infinite will be broken down in two and transformed into full-blown Mythic+ dungeons with timers and unique upgradeable rewards. But for now, you can enjoy the dungeon and slowly progress with a group of five through the timeways.

Before you can dive deep into the secrets and lore developments, there are a couple of boxes you need to tick. So here’s how you can unlock the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon in Dragonflight.

How to unlock Dawn of the Infinite in WoW Dragonflight

Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon will be immediately unlocked as you log into the game. This means there’s no attunement quest to enter the Bronze Temple.

Currently, this dungeon is available on Mythic and Heroic difficulty. While you can immediately jump into the Mythic version of the dungeon, to queue the Heroic version you need to have at least an average item level score of 372.

It’s important to note that this dungeon is intentionally designed to be more challenging than other megadungeons, and you need to have great gear to find success. I wouldn’t recommend going into Dawn of the Infinite before you have at least 425 to430 item level gear.

If you’re a lore nerd, Blizzard has a special treat for you—an optional Dawn of the Infinite questline.

Optional Dawn of the Infinite questline

The optional Dawn of the Infinite quest starts with Nozdormu at the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken, and it’s called Dawn of the Infinite.

Screenshot of Valdrakken map showing the exact location of the Seat of the Aspects.
Dawn of the Infinite attunement quest starts at the Seat of the Aspects. Screenshot by Dot Esports. Remix by Izabela Tomakic.

The Dawn of the Infinite attunement quest chain has six quests. Here’s the full quest list

  1. Dawn of the Infinite
  2. Align in the Sand 
  3. On Borrowed Time
  4. Chro-me?
  5. Morchie Mayhem
  6. Who’s That Chromie?

There are no prerequisites to start the Dawn of the Infinite quest chain, meaning the first quest, Dawn of the Infinite, should be available at the top of the Seat of the Aspects as soon as you log into the game. 


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