WoW player deals 175 million damage with one ability in Torghast run

The monster crit could go down in the WoW history books.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A World of Warcraft player recently dealt a critical strike worth over 175 million damage in a Torghast run.

In a clip posted to YouTube earlier today, a Warlock player was running Torghast with the intention of dealing as much damage as possible with a single ability. The ability that the player used to deal the critical strike—which dealt precisely 175,935,072 damage—was Incinerate. But prior to casting Incinerate, the Warlock player used the Necrolord covenant ability Decimating Bolt to boost the damage of their next Incinerate cast. 

In addition to the combination of single-target spells, the Warlock player also explained in the comments of the video how they targeted several Anima Powers throughout their run to boost the damage of their Incinerate spell once the “moment of truth” arrived. 

Three Satchels of Soul Dust, which increased Incinerate’s bonus damage provided by Decimating Bolt by 50 percent each, were a main target of the Warlock. Additionally, three Detonation Torches were used to increase Incinerate’s base damage by 75 percent. Finally, the Warlock player used three Smoking Ash Piles to boost the critical strike chance Decimating Bolt gave to Incinerate. 

Once they finally cast the combination of abilities on the final boss of the run, the Warlock player dealt an absurd amount of damage with just one ability, effectively bringing the boss from 90-percent HP to zero in a matter of seconds. 

It’s unconfirmed if this 175 million damage cast of Incinerate goes down as the highest critical strike in Shadowlands, but it’s unlikely that many players have even come close to this mark. 

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