When does World of Warcraft Shadowlands season 4 start?

It's expected sometime later this summer.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard earlier this year announced World of Warcraft Shadowlands would have a fourth season for mythic keystones and PvP to bridge the gap between the end of Shadowlands and the beginning of Dragonflight.

While seasons in WoW are typically associated with a raid, Blizzard is trying to fill a content gap before its upcoming expansion, which has no set release date, by giving fans another season with some throwback dungeons that will be added to the mythic dungeon pool.

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But with Patch 9.2.5 coming next week, season four has no scheduled beginning in sight. While the patch is bringing other groundbreaking changes to the game like cross-faction instances, season three will continue for at least a little while longer.

This de facto extension of season three will allow players more time to hit various Mythic+ and PvP achievements, as well as raiding achievements like AOTC and Cutting Edge.

When will season four start?

In a post to its forums, Blizzard originally said that season four would begin “later this year, after the current season has run for a typical duration,” leaving us with a vague idea of when it could come.

While seasons in Legion were relatively short, lasting 11 to 17 weeks, Battle for Azeroth started a lengthening of seasons to over 20 weeks and Shadowlands continued that trend.

So far, season three, which started on March 1, is 12 weeks old, and the speculation is that players could expect season four sometime this summer. There is no official date set for it yet, though. If Blizzard makes season three around the same length as Shadowlands’ first two seasons, it will likely go on well into August or even September, meaning players may have to wait until the end of the summer for the start of season four.

This article will be updated once an official date for Shadowlands season four has been announced.