What item level gear do Mythic 0 dungeons drop in WoW Dragonflight?

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight season one is in full swing and with it came the arrival of Mythic+ dungeons.

Regular Mythic dungeons (Mythic 0s) are still around, however, and are on a weekly lockout, like Normal and Heroic dungeons. This lockout is separate from Mythic+ dungeons, which have no lockout. Bosses in Mythic 0 dungeons drop item level 372 gear, and with the same regularity as Normal and Heroics dungeons, and can be a great way to gear up an alt, especially if you can queue with friends and get a carry.

They don’t have the same queueing system as the tiers below them in the Dungeon Finder, but the group finder is teeming at any point with “M0 world tours,” especially early on in the expansion since there isn’t a hard item level requirement to queue into them. That being said, an item level of around 345 is recommended to hold your own even in Mythic 0s.

Eight dungeons are included in this season’s Mythic+ pool: four from Dragonflight (Algeth’ar Academy, Ruby Life Pools, The Azure Vault, and the Nokhud Offensive), and four from previous expansions (Court of Stars, Halls of Valor, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, and Temple of the Jade Serpent). These will rotate every season.

Mythic+ dungeons can now be run up to +20, instead of the previous cap of +15 back in Shadowlands. The amount of gear they drop at the end of the dungeon is dependent on whether or not it is completed within the time allotted and the quality scales up all the way to item level 405, with the corresponding Great Vault Reward being up to 421.


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