What is the drop rate for WoW’s Headless Horseman mount?

Good luck pulling the Horseman’s Reins out of a pumpkin during Hallow’s End.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The annual Hallow’s End event has returned to World of Warcraft, which means countless players will be trying to get their hands on one of the game’s most prestigious and rarest mounts: the Horseman’s Reins. 

Unlike other rare mounts, though, the Horseman’s Reins are only available to loot during a brief two-week window around Halloween each year. So if you want to pick up the mount for yourself, you’ll have to devote time to running the Headless Horseman encounter before Hallow’s End comes to a close.

Unluckily, the drop rate for the mount is ridiculously low. But there are ways to maximize your chances at getting your hands on the Headless Horseman’s steed.

What’s the drop chance for the Headless Horseman’s mount?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The drop chance of the Horseman’s Reins sits at roughly 0.4 percent, according to WoW item database Wowhead. That number roughly translates to a one in 250 chance that you’ll receive the mount when completing the Headless Horseman encounter. Keep in mind that even if you complete the encounter 250 times, the mount isn’t guaranteed since the drop chance remains the same each run. 

Don’t let the incredibly low drop rate for the Horseman’s Reins deter you from chasing after the mount, though. There are still ways to ensure that your chances of looting the Horseman’s Reins go up this Hallow’s End. 

How many times can you complete the Headless Horseman encounter?

You must be level 50 to receive a Loot-Filled Pumpkin, the reward given out to players for completing the Headless Horseman encounter. The Horseman’s Reins are only going to be found inside of the Loot-Filled Pumpkin. You won’t be able to receive the mount by looting the Horseman himself. 

Assuming you have multiple characters who are above level 50, you’ll be able to run the Headless Horseman encounter as many times as you want during a 24-hour reset cycle. Your WoW account is only allowed to have 50 characters on it across all servers. So if you were to run the encounter 50 times per day across all of your level-50-or-higher characters during the entire two-week event of Hallow’s End, you’d have taken down the Headless Horseman 700 times. 

The 2021 Hallow’s End event is scheduled to come to a close on Nov. 1 at 10am CT.