The worst class in WoW Dragonflight is actually topping the DPS charts

We bet you didn't expect this.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you have been enjoying the wonders of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you must have heard that Survival Hunters are by far the worst class you can bring to your Mythic+ dungeons and raids. But this is far from the truth as Survival Hunters are actually topping the DPS charts in Vault of the Incarnates.

Coming from Shadowlands to Dragonflight, Survival Hunters got significant changes to its talent tree and the core rotation. When compared to the stars of Dragonflight’s release patch and Patch 10.0.5 like Enhancement Shamans and Havoc Demon Hunters, everyone believed Survival Hunters were just lackluster, lacked sustainability and durability, and, most importantly, damage.

In reality, Survival Hunters have been thriving, especially in the damage department in Vault of the Incarnates with a whopping 97,031 damage per second, according to WoW stats site Simulationcraft

Image via Simulationcraft

Besides that, the spec has been, week in and week out, in the top-performing classes in Mythic Vault of the Incarnates in single-target encounters.

When we take overall damage into consideration, Survival Hunter’s damage output is not so high since their AoE and cleave builds are far different and the build that’s intended for raiding does not include much AoE damage.

Bearing that in mind, Survival Hunters still might not be the best class for Mythic+ dungeons as the top classes in Mythic+ dungeons have strong AoE and single-target damage.