SK Gaming signs WoW guild Pieces ahead of Race to World First event

Another top WoW guild has been picked up by a major esports org.

Image via SK Gaming

SK Gaming has signed the roster of high-end World of Warcraft raiding guild Pieces ahead of next week’s Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First event. Moving forward, the guild will go by the name of “SK Pieces.”

Pieces, a European guild, is one of the most successful WoW teams of the game’s modern era. Across the last three WoW races for the Sanctum of Domination, Castle Nathria, and Ny’alotha raids, Pieces finished in third place on three consecutive occasions. The team most recently won an RWF event in 2019 for the Crucible of Storms raid. 

A streak of top finishes over the last few years has earned Pieces a spot among the top WoW teams in the world alongside North America’s Team Liquid and European counterparts Echo heading into the Sepulcher of the First Ones race. 

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As for SK Gaming, the franchise has a lengthy history in World of Warcraft. As a legacy organization, SK Gaming competed in WoW PvE races dating back to the early 2000s, when the game was in its infancy. In 2008, SK Gaming claimed victory in the Race to World First event for the Burning Crusade’s Sunwell Plateau raid back when it was current content. The Sunwell Plateau raid is set to be re-released on Burning Crusade Classic servers later this year. 

Pieces will make their debut under the SK Gaming umbrella when the Sepulcher of the First Ones Race to World First begins on March 8.