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New details surrounding Dragonflight’s upcoming legendary weapon confirmed

It'll be the second legendary to be added this expansion.

It was confirmed yesterday in a teaser by Blizzard Entertainment that a new legendary weapon will be coming to World of Warcraft Dragonflight in Patch 10.2.

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Today, more details of that legendary weapon were revealed, with the biggest piece of knowledge surrounding it being that it will not be a class-specific weapon.

WoW encounter designer Taylor Sanders confirmed to Dot Esports in a group interview that the new legendary will be a two-handed axe named Fyr’alath, the Dream Render, and it won’t have any restrictions to one specific class like Dragonflight’s first legendary weapon, Nasz’uro, the Unbound Legacy. Any character that can use two-handed Strength axes will be able to equip this legendary two-handed axe. That means Fyr’alath will be exclusive to Paladins, Death Knights, and Warriors.

This legendary axe will be the first of its kind since Shadowmourne all the way back in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2009. Since then, itemization has evolved immensely, but the upcoming legendary axe will be something players can progress and work toward, similarly to the way Nasz’uro had a bit of legwork attached to it too.

The Ruby Life Pools in WoW Dragonflight
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“We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from players around some of the frustrations about acquiring rare items and rare drops,” Sanders said. “There’s always a balance with the excitement of gaining that kind of weapon after some hard work … we’re working to make sure those items are still exciting when they drop, but that they feel earned and they’re something that you can progress towards.”

Even beyond legendary items—which are nowhere near as prominent as they were during ShadowlandsWoW’s “Very Rare” items have made gearing far more favorable for certain specs above others. Items like Neltharax in season one or Djaruun in season two have made specific specs and classes stronger through itemization instead of raw power or class balance. 

In Patch 10.2, a legendary weapon that’s available to multiple classes, including Paladins, Death Knights, and Warriors, should place less pressure on players to feel like their class is being outranked by another option with access to better loot. 

For players who were expecting the Emerald Dream-focused patch to have a Druid legendary as its grand prize, don’t worry, you’re not alone—we would’ve predicted the same thing. But Sanders assured us the axe is “tied very closely to the story and character of Fyrakk,” and that “players who will finally earn it will be very happy with its importance for the patch and the story that’s being told in Guardians of the Dream.

Patch 10.2 will launch later this year, and the legendary two-handed axe will almost definitely be a raid drop off Fyrakk, the final boss of the upcoming raid, Amirdrassil.

Update Sept. 8 10:14am CT: This article has been updated to include specific details regarding which classes will be able to use the legendary two-handed axe.

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