Liquid guild leader calls out Blizzard for ‘biased’ WoW RWF balance changes

Bosses get nerfed while competitors are asleep.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The leader of Liquid Guild in World of Warcraft Dragonflight posted a tweet on Nov. 19 complaining about the balance changes during the Race to World First (RWF) in the latest WoW content update.

In the Twitter post, Liquid Guild leader Maximum explained how he and his guild spent all day working on clearing the latest WoW Raid, Amidrassil, the Dream’s Hope, only to stop at the last boss. Since NA WoW players get updates roughly a day before EU players, and since Liquid Guild always streams their world-first attempts on Twitch, it was to be expected that other guilds would use their strategies to clear the bosses faster.

However, what wasn’t expected was that Blizzard would release an update where they would nerf the final boss during Liquid Guild’s attempt, thus making the entire encounter easier, and potentially ruining Liquid Guild’s Race to World First record.

Maximum claimed that Liquid would still win World First in the end, but still expressed his distaste for the RWF:  “Not even mad we’re gonna own anyway, but RWF has so much bias it’s insane, no one thinks for themselves they just say stuff.” Maximum also stated that not once has it happened that a WoW boss got nerfed while he and his team were sleeping. 

The responses to Maximum’s post have been mixed. Many claimed how, despite the last boss nerf, NA players get a huge advantage over EU players because WoW NA servers get content patches a day earlier. Others have said that Liquid is to blame for streaming the entire event live and thus giving other guilds free instructions on boss mechanics. Some comments on the Twitter post also suggest that Blizzard should simply release each new content update simultaneously for both EU and NA players, which should solve issues like this entirely. 

It’s difficult to say which players truly get the advantage, no matter how you look at it. The Race to World First is a highly competitive event, and any advantage, no matter how small, can mean the difference between finishing first and second. 

Hopefully, Blizzard will be able to do something to address this issue in the following The War Within expansion.


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