Is Blizzard going to create a ‘Fresh’ World of Warcraft Classic server?

Vanilla is our favorite flavor.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ever since Naxxramas was cleared for the first time in World of Warcraft Classic, there’s been talk among players about doing it all again.

Because many players preferred the vanilla experience of WoW above any other expansion, there’s a faction of gamers who were less concerned about TBC Classic becoming reality. Instead, they wanted a hard reset, another fresh start, a chance to redo everything they did in Classic.

While some might say that those players can do that on the current servers that are dedicated to being vanilla content forever, a large part of the Classic experience is going through each individual raid release from Molten Core to Blackwing Lair and so on.

Blizzard apparently has heard those murmurs and is taking action.

In a post today announcing the release of TBC Classic phase two content, Blizzard suggested that there could be some new content on the horizon for players who want a fresh Classic experience, just two years after Classic’s launch.

“We’re also working on something for WoW Classic players who’ve told us they’d like a chance at a fresh start, and will be sharing more on our plans soon,” Blizzard said.

Blizzard didn’t confirm anything in its post, but the news came just more than a week after the developer added a “Classic Era Public Test Realm” to without any announcement.

While the server itself didn’t stay up for long, it caused rampant speculation from the community. And based on Blizzard’s post today, it appears as though there will be some form of fresh WoW Classic content coming in the future.

There is currently no timetable for when it might happen, but based on Blizzard’s own words, it seems like a given. This article will be updated with more information on a fresh WoW Classic server experience as Blizzard makes the information available.